The Thing You Avoid Most.


Although there’s probably more than just thing one thing you avoid,

I think this is the most commonly shared avoidance.

Something we push to the side,

Thinking we don’t actually need it,

And that only those who are not as capable take it.


Without it we are burning out.

We are crankier,


Filling out lives with other unhealthy things,

And become coffee-holic’s.

What we’re missing in our lives,

And what we avoid most,

Is, you guessed it,


Just hearing that you might of laughed,

Or mumbled to yourself how you don’t need it,

Or who has time for it.

And that’s exactly it,

It goes to show that rest is nothing but a Sunday optional for us.

Like putting resting or  doing this ‘one’ thing on a scale,

And when rest somewhat seems to be creeping up past the ‘one’ thing,

We shove it off and decide that we can’t rest, there’s way too much to get done.

We’ve decided we have no time for rest anymore,

And that’s just it, we choose it that way.

It’s not that we don’t have time for it,

It’s actually because we’ve chosen other things as a greater importance and with that, shove rest to the side.

But the thing about rest,

Shoving it to the side doesn’t dismiss our great need for it.

It actually further enhances it.

Because the ugly truth is we need it.


Without it, we can only last so long,

Drink so many cups of coffee,

Eat so many sugary things,

Or fill our lives with many other coping mechanisms that keep us going.

Even worse than that,

All those other things that start creeping into our lives because we are worn down,

Tired, not thinking clearly and overwhelmed.

You know those things,

The ones that we look at on computer screens, or further waste our time at a bar, or the things that we hide from others knowing.

All those things can become harder to resist when not taking time to rest and being reminded of what truly matters,

For we were created for rest.

God created a day of rest,

Not to give us another ‘rule’ to follow that will bore our lives,

But something that will further enhance it,

That will restore us,

Bring our focus back onto that which matters,

And remind us that there is more to life than toiling and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Trust me,

I’m preaching to my own choir with this,

I need rest and have gone through (am going through) the harsh reality of burn out.

Of trying to be all things for all people,

Of not realizing my boundaries of being able to say ‘No sorry, I can’t today).

And instead of giving myself time to relax, breathe and recoup,

I ran myself dry, hurting relationships and instead of doing a job well,

Being able to love others in it because I was moving from a place of refreshment,

I became bitter, tired, worn out and lacking in time for others.

A lack of rest is something I and you need to stop avoiding,

And rather set time aside for.

Looking to our Father and realizing His heart for rest,

Seeing all the He desires for us to do (or not to do),

When we give Him a day, or even a few hours of us resting.

Oh and I know it is not as easy as it sounds,

Because that time comes for rest and all of a sudden there are things to do,

People to go see,

Or the weathers too nice to just sit around.

Or even thoughts come up of being lazy,

Of not being seen in a high regard for not doing something every minute of everyday.

The struggle is real,

Especially in our culture today of always moving,

Always succeeding,

And rest is for the losers.

May our Father remind you of His truths,

Of His heart for rest and may those sink in deeper within all of our hearts,

Softening them and shinning light onto the lies we’ve believed about busying ourselves,

So that we may be able to come and see the beautiful need we all have for rest.

And rather than seeing rest as a bad thing,

Delight in it and bask in it.

May we, even if it’s hard,

Begin to set some time aside for rest,

And just start.

Rather than putting it off,

Thinking “when I find time”,

Or “After all these things are crossed off my to-do list”

May we just begin.

And realize afterwards,

We actually find ourselves having more time,

Being more present,

Having more to offer those around us,

And a heart more soft towards time spent with the Lord,

After we’ve embraced in rest and time to be restored.

A great book I read about Rest that changed my heart about it is,

“The Rest of God” by Mark Buchannan

You should read it!

Have a lovely restful day,

Even if it starts as half n hour with a cup of coffee sitting on a comfy couch.

Rest well my friends.


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