The Thing About Time.


It hasn’t always clicked like it has until recently,

But the thing about time,

Is we waste it.

I’ve heard time and time again that time is running out,

But even with that,

We rush around, busy ourselves, trying to fill each moment of it,

And in the midst of all that chaos,

We actually end up wasting time.

We burn ourselves out,

We spend our time on things that don’t matter,

And while we are busy rushing through one thing,

We are thinking about what we have to do next.

We’ve forgotten what it is to bask in moments,

To spend time present with people,

Seeing all the beauty that surrounds us,

And enjoying even the littlest of things that we do daily.

We’ve come to think that if we aren’t doing huge things,

Things big enough to fill social media with,

Then we aren’t spending time good enough.

But in the midst of all that,

We forget that all of our time matters,

And how we spend even the simplest of ordinary days,

Can be days spent full of love, abounding with joy and richness.

But we must stop,

We must acknowledge that all of our time matters.

Rather than running through the day like drafts pulling a wagon with blinders on,

Having conversations with people,

And not actually present,

Listening to each word they have to say,

Rather than thinking about our own things.

What we have next and what time it is,

How much time we have until we have to leave,

Or even how being there is wasting time.

For in all that rushing and hurrying,

In all that hustle and bustle,

In the midst of days wasted working away,

Late nights spent wasting all that money,

We are truly wasting time.

Wasting time doing things which aren’t actually bringing us life,

Or adding to our lives.

We spend hours on social media,


Talking to people via text,

Rather than sitting and having coffee.

Going for a walk with a sweet friend.

Enjoying an afternoon sitting on the porch,

Listening to the birds and feeling the warmth.

Or in this winter season,

Sitting inside by a fire,

Reading a book,


Practicing our instruments.

We are wasting our time doing things that aren’t actually adding to our life.

Think back over the past few weeks, months, year,

And think about what you’ve gained?

What you’ve done to add to your knowledge?

Your resume?

Your skill set?

Your joy?

What have you invested in?

Who have you invested in?

Who have you let invest in you?

What meaningful conversations in person did you have?

What moments did you lay in grass and gaze up at the sky?

What relationships did you gain?

And trust me,

Even as I write all thing,

I’m humbled,

As I’ve wasted time.

And a lot of it.

So I write this,

As I continue to strive to make better use of my time.

Reading more books,

Becoming like a child again as I push the anxiety of time away,

And grasp a hold of the moment.

Still acknowledging the things that must get done,

But rather than filling up my day,

Trying to gain self worth in being busy,

Resting in the truth that this is the day the Lord has made and I can rejoice in it.

I can walk through the day,

Doing what needs to get done,

And finding moments to step back,

Spend time with the Lord,

And allow my weary mind to rest.

To rest from the To-Do list which can drive me too much,

Rest from the anxiety about all that ‘could’ get done,

And just be.

To not waste my time,

But use it wisely.

Using it to rest,

Using it to allow interruptions;

Such as a neighbor coming by to chat,

A friend that needs a phone call,

Cookies or a meal that could be baked for a new mom,

A sweet child coming for my attention,

Or most importantly,

The Lord who is gently whispering to me to come spend time with Him.

And being okay with those interruptions to happen,

And holding time loosely.

For when we are generous,

Generous with our time, our money, our resources,

We actually start to have more of an abundance of it.

Funny how that happens.

How living yielding to the Kingdom of God,

Goes against the grain of the world and all that it is yelling at us to do.

And although all those things,

Such as busyness, working crazy hours, pushing aside family to get work done,

May seem like we are embracing life and using our time,

It’s actually killing it.

By wasting our time,

We are hindering relationships,

Forgetting what is important,

And that there is far more to life than working,

Adding more material things to our lives.

There are people around us waiting to be loved,

Parks waiting to be walked in,

And simple moments, such as meals with friends, waiting to be had.

For in His Kingdom,

We find rest,

We find the truth that we don’t need to rush,

We don’t need to busy ourselves,

We don’t need to work until we are burnt out and cranky – not having time to love our families.

We can come and embrace life,

Living in the beautiful, precious moments the Lord is giving us,

And taking time to just be.

For wasting time is not enjoying it,

Not relishing in each moment,

Praising and thanking the Lord for all of it,

And seeing that there is an abundance of time,

As we bring it back to Him.

So I encourage you to ask the Lord to search your heart.

To see the areas in which you are wasting time,

The important things you have pushed aside and replaced them with busyness, work and anxiety,

And give them to Him.

To let go of all that you are trying to hold onto,

And yield your time, self and resources over to Him.

For apart from Him we lose our lives, and lose sight of the things that truly matter,

But with Him, we gain sight of eternity and that which is truly worth investing into.

I’ve been reading a beautiful book written by Mark Buchanan that has challenged me in my time.

How I spend it, how I’ve wasted it and how I continue to waste it,

And rather seeing how beautiful time can be when spent from a place of rest.

More importantly,

In the Rest of God. (check out a summary of it on that link!)

So back to the thing about time,

You can either live it through a place of peace, of beauty and utter thankfulness,

Coming to see that you have an abundance of it to bask in and embrace wholeheartedly,

Or spend it from a place of anxiety and of feeling you never have enough of it.

Will you continue to waste it on things that don’t end up bringing you life,

Or adding to it?

Have a wonderful day friend,

You’re lovely and oh so loved.

“When you fully comprehend that there is more to life than just here and now, and you realize that life is just a preparation for eternity, you will begin to live differently. You will start living in light of eternity and that will color how you handle every relationship, task, and circumstance…the closer you live to God the smaller everything else appears.”
-Rick Warren

“Most of the things we need to be most fully alive in, never happens in busyness. They grow in rest.”
Mark Buchanan 

“A day spent with time nipping at ones heels is a futile, wasted day. But a day filled with love and friendship is a long, rich day in which even a penny becomes the treasure of kings.”
Mike Mason 

“Most of us have rushed all our lives, and in all that hurry, we often lose what we’re trying to gain. In the Chinese language the pictograph for “busyness” is a combination of two others~the pictographs for heart, and killing. In being too busy, we kill our hearts. Despite our good intentions, when we live at a frantic pace, “everything becomes either a trudge or a scramble, the doldrums or sheer mayhem.”
Mark Buchanan 


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