Love is Hard.

When I think about love,

It’s almost as if I can hear the birds chirping,

A sweet warm breeze blowing,

And the fragrance of flowers permeating everything.

But then reality kicks in,

And I realize love is hard.

Love isn’t just romance.

It’s actually far far far more than that.

Love isn’t simply loving our spouse,

Or our family.

And it is more than just loving people who are easy to love,

Or when we feel like it.

It isn’t a sometimes thing,

Or when I’m in a good mood.

Love is a constant, unchanging, eternal thing.

And that’s why love is hard.

Oh boy is it hard.

It’s hard because I’m selfish,


And forget to fix my eyes on who love truly is, God.

Even then,

It’s still not easy,

Because I fall short daily,

I miss the mark on loving well,

On loving Him and caring for others.

I forget to spend time with Him,

Or honestly, make excuses in why I can’t find time.

I get consumed with all the work I have to do,

All the tasks I need to cross off my To-Do list.

But you see,

Right there – need.

I don’t need to do all those things,

I make myself believe that,

And I get consumed with myself.

For that’s why love is hard,

Rather, Love in humbling.

We keep looking at ourselves,

Rather than to Him and those who He is calling us to love,

The people standing beside us.

The people who live next door,

Those we pass by walking down the street,

Even those we try to avoid.

We are selfish.

And trust me, it hurts to realize that.

I even try to deny it sometimes, but I’m selfish,

And it’s not right.

For when I get caught up with all that I have to do,

My busy schedule,

And how maybe others don’t understand that,

There again I’m blocking my ability to love.

It’s almost as if I’m standing in front of love,

Getting in it’s way,

Hindering it for all to see,

Because of my own issues.

Whether it’s my own insecurities of putting myself out there,

Or not understanding how to love others or even God Himself,

Maybe it’s doubts, fears, lies, hurts, pains.

Whatever it may be,

Face it.

Deal with it.

Pray and seek the Lord through it.

Allow Him to heal you,

To restore what’s been lost,

And remind you of who He is,

His faithfulness,

His Truth,

His everlasting love.

Spend time with Him,

Let His presence permeate you,


Moment by moment.

For that is the only way we can love,

By coming to the Father.

Coming to see the love He has for us,

And accepting, embracing and living in the truth,

Of how deeply and undeniably loved, we are.

For when we realize that we are loved,

We then can freely love others.

For we have died to ourselves;

We have died to trying to make a name for ourselves because we take on glorifying His,

We have laid down trying to get people to like us, because it is His acceptance that we have embraced,

We lay down our fears because we trust in His promises, and continually come to be rooted in truth when they come back up,

We live knowing that we don’t have to meet the standards of the world because we live for a Kingdom that is above it,

And through all those things,

We can love.

For we are no longer looking to ourselves but to Him,

Not looking what we can get out of it for ourselves, but how much we can empty ourselves so that He can continually fill us up.

For we have an abundance of love at our disposal,

But we must give it out.

I forget to love others in moments when I lose sight of who I am as a beloved daughter of the God Most High.

When I get consumed with work,

With trying to ‘better’ myself,

With trying to be a ‘good follower of Christ’

Rather than living, in the moment, in this day and simply giving Him my time, my resources, my fears and being willing to love.

Rather than seeing all that He has done for me and the grace He is granting me.

Seeing that He knows all this about me and yet still loves me,

How can I not extend that to others.

Seeing that He forgives me, He redeems me and He see’s past all my mess and the good He has placed within me.

And with all that Truth, I can disregard the lies.

That I’m too imperfect to love,

That I have too much baggage,

That I’ve been hurt too many times,

That I’m not good enough,

And see that He has spoken His loving words over me, by His Sons blood, deemed me as worthy.

So I can live with thankfulness,

Move forward with joy,

And laying down my fears of not enough time –

And begin to work through all that I still hold onto.

That there isn’t enough time to stop and talk to that person, because I have to go do this.

Trying to busy my day, where I don’t even allow the Lord to use me as He Wills,

Because secretly, I still want control of my life.

Or when I’m rushed, tight on time, tired, weary, insecure, frustrated,

And I don’t still love people.

I am far from 1 Corinthians 13 example of what love is.

For I find myself rolling my eyes at people when I’m impatient,

Quick to shy away from people because of fear,

Or avoiding people because I don’t want to sit there and talk.


For I don’t deserve His love,

Yet He so willingly lavishes it on us.

And I am humbled,


And thankful.

Thankful that I don’t have to keep living getting caught up in these things,

But that He is love.

That He refines us and doesn’t leave us as we are.

That He see’s all the pieces of me that are so unlovable and by His love can make them lovable.

He see’s me in all my pride and sin,

And gently calls me out of it to Him.

Knowing that working through things isn’t easy,

But it is far better than remaining in it.

Love isn’t hard,

It’s actually quite easy.

For when we look to Jesus,

We see love perfected and that brings me joy.

Knowing that as our King has loved, we too can love.

But first we must do what isn’t easy,

Letting go of the habits we have formed,

And push past distractions,


Laziness and run this race well.

Laying down our lives,

Dying to ourselves,

And letting go of trying to hold on.

Becoming child-like in faith again,

And joyfully stepping out into the world,

To be His hands and feet.

To love regardless if it’s received or reciprocated,

Because we ourselves already know where we are loved,

Where our value and our worth come from.

And that’s in God our Father, through Jesus Christ.

I am seeing there is nothing else worth it all.

All the busyness,

All the work,

All the self-betterment,

Is nothing,

And means nothing,

If He isn’t in it.

Love is beautiful,

Because it’s yielding to Him.

Yielding to His ways and coming to say,

“Not my will, but yours be done.”

Giving Him our most precious assets,

Our time.

And letting Him into our little lives.

Trusting that living a life for Him is far far greater than trying to live it for ourselves.

So I pray deeply,

That we would begin to move past ourselves. That by His grace, He would forgive us for our selfishness and consuming ways – I repent for all the time we have wasted, people we have hurt and moments we’ve missed because we were so busy focused on the wrong things. And asks that He redeems it all. That He begins to enlarge our capacity to love Him, to truly love ourselves and to love others. I pray that we would yield to Him, that a passion would stir in our hearts that would not be extinguished – that we will lay down our lives, let Him strip us of our flesh and fix our eyes on Him. That He would reveal to us the areas of our lives that we are holding onto, the ugly parts, the parts we hide, and renew our minds, purify us and teach us how to move past ourselves in order to love more. In Jesus name, amen!

So from this,

I hope you are spurred on.

Spurred on to love deeper and come to spend time with the Lord.

To realize that love is more than romance,

It is who our Father is,

And He has shown us the depth of His love,

And since He has loved us, we can love.

For to the depth in which we are loved, we can do the same.

So although love is hard,

Oh is it beautiful, and worth it.

May you press on for the joy set before you and live well !

For when I think of love now,

I think about Our loving Savior and His words that reach deep into the depth of my heart,

And yet though I see a glimpse of my imperfections,

He still reminds me I’m loved,

That I am redeemed and that they don’t define me.

For His love does not waiver,

It is not based on what we do or don’t do for Him,

It is based on who He is.

Praise the Lord !

“My beloved speaks to me and says,

‘Arise my beautiful one, my love,

And come away with me.'” 

Song of Solomon 2:10 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails…”
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

This is a great book and reading a couple pages really encouraged me in dying to myself and how daily, I don’t love others.

Immanuel, God With Us 



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