The Best Advice My Mom Gave Me.

I have never forgotten this simple thing my mom told me years back,

It was about love.

And since then,

Along with other books and life experience,

I have come to see the profound truth it holds.

Are you ready for this?

Love is a choice.

Love is a choice we make over and over again.

She told me that each day she wakes up and chooses to love my dad.

She chooses to love him despite what he does or doesn’t do,

Or what he has done or hasn’t done.

She chooses, right then and there that she will love him.

Hearing that stopped me in my tracks,

Because growing up,

Watching Disney movies, listening to songs, fairy tales,

I thought love was a feeling, romantic and emotional.

But when I came to see that reality,

I knew it was truth.

For love is far greater than feelings that come and go.

Love is eternal and everlasting.

Love is God,

A holy and loving Father who chose us, and loves us despite our short comings and flaws.

He loves us regardless of what we’ve done and what we do.

And that is how we can love others.

Love is a choice, for we can love those who are hard to love.

Extending the love we have been given and finding the beauty that each person holds.

Knowing that we don’t have to love those who are like us or easy,

But we can find at least one way to love each and every single person in this world,

Because we can simply choose to do so.

We can choose to not point out their flaws, or to gossip about them or to put them down.

We can choose to build others up, speaking life and encouragement into their beautiful souls.

I pray that our Father would soften your heart to love each person who crosses your path, and even so much more, those whom you find it hardest to love. May His love abound through you.

Love is a choice, for we choose to love regardless if they love us

We choose, to love those who may not love us back.

Now let me clarify,

When I talk about love.

I’m talking about agape love,

The love of our Fathers heart.

Unconditional and selfless love.

For love is not something we enter into to receive from.

True love is what we offer without expectation.

We love simply because we have been loved by a God,

So deeply,

So profoundly,

And out of nothing we have done to ever deserve it,

So with that same love we can joyfully go into the world and love those, because we have been loved.

We don’t need love and acceptance from others to find out worth,

For our Father has poured out His love on us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

And because of that,

We can love deeply, caring for those who cross our paths, being men and women who not only look to our own interest but to the interest of others.

Who are compassionate, merciful, patient, kind, and trusting.

For Our Father has shown us the depth of His love for us.

A love that doesn’t waiver like the romantic love in movies.

Lust, affection,  desire, being smitten,

Are not love.

Those things come and go.

They are not stable, they are not what we should base our decisions on.

For when we base our decisions on feelings, we are entering into unstable territory.

But when we base our decisions on things that are stable, built upon a solid foundation,

That is what remains.

For in love, we choose to remain in a marriage even if we may not feel all those feelings we once felt before – for we have chosen that person. Through the beautiful and the hard.

We choose regardless what we may be feeling.

We choose regardless if we feel in love with that person anymore.

We choose to go out into this world and love it regardless of what it may look like.

Because our love does not come from ourselves.

Our love comes from the One whom holds all things,

And as we spend time in His presence,

Soaking in His Word,

Resting in Him,

Through prayer and worship,

We are able to be grounded in love.

No longer seeking it in others whom will always leave us a little more broken, a little more untrusting and a little less valued.

Or if we look for our worth in our jobs, in the opinions of others,

We will always not be good enough.

But when we come to Him,

When we come to seek His face.

We are gently reminded,

Reminded that He has chosen us.

He has chosen us out from the world and loves us.

He does not waiver regardless of our constant mistakes,

But deeply loves us.

As we are and by His love, that is how we are transformed.

For His love is beautiful,

It is full of mercy and full of forgiveness.

We do not deserve it, we are not worthy of it,

Yet He graciously, fully extends it.

How beautiful is that?

And with that how can we not graciously give it to others.

Always keeping our eyes fixed on Him.

For we were created for love and that is why we long for it,

That is why we search it out,

Why we hunger for it,

Why we crave for others to love us, want us, need us.

But when we come to Him, we will see what true love is, and will never be the same.

So I encourage you, to not look for love and value in this world.

In this world that is temporal, in people who are just as broken and lost,

But may you seek it in the only One whom true love comes from,

God Almighty.

His love is pure and holy,

A love that re-instills in us our value and worth,

And empowers us to love, regardless if it is given back.

Empowers us to love even if the world wonders how we can still love.

It empowers us to love even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations,

For that is the power of Gods love, it knows no bounds in our finite human minds.

It is greater than us, the world we live in and all that which we may come to face.

So I encourage you today my sweet friend,

To come to Our Father.

To let His love wash over you and deeply change your weary heart.

That He would remind you of His truth,

Stirring in your heart a passion for His Word and worship.

A heart of prayer and thankfulness.

That who you are would be rooted in who He is.

And by His grace,

He will empower you to enter into this hurting world,

And love deeply.

Radiating His love to the lost,

To those deemed unlovable,

To those who are looking,

Who are hungry,

Who have been forsake,

And be His beautiful hands and feet.

May you choose love,


And never look back.

But enter in with boldness and live well for our King.

In Jesus name.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another…Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love…This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”
1 John 4:7,8,10



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