Pressing Through Discomfort

The water rushed past,

As I stood nervously at the bank.

My horse moving back and forth as I uneasily tried looking around for a good place to urge her down into the water from.

The river wasn’t deep,

But the way it was moving could of fooled me.

I looked past the river at the other side-

“Do I even want to go there?” I sheepishly asked myself.

“It might be getting dark soon anyways, and where I am is fine…right?”

I looked down again at the clear moving water,

And gently I felt a nudge,


How often is it that we almost miss taking a step out because of fear?

How often do we remain where we are because we avoid discomfort?

We let the distractions become more than what they are,

We lose confidence,

We forget the promises our God has declared.

We lose courage and let our brave hearts grow quiet.

We grow complacent,



And would rather stay where we are then venture out,

Then press on, past feelings of discomfort into something new,

Something challenging,

Something utterly beautiful.

But it’s risky,

It’s not easy facing the very things that we’ve grown accustomed too,

The things we’ve grown comfortable doing,

Whether they are truly life bringing or not.

It’s hard to break them,

It’s hard to change.

It’s challenging to step out past who we’ve let ourselves become,

Whether we are content like that or not.

And for me,

It’s a daily thing to let go of who I am,

And cling to who I am through the Lord.

To live trusting in Him,

Following Him although I may not know what is before me.

To live letting Him refine me,

Striping me of all that isn’t good and living a life of whole heartedness,

A life where I let my vulnerable heart be seen,

So that His love may be made known.

For it’s the very things that scare us,

The things that make us feel uncomfortable,

The things that push us out of our safety net and into a life of adventure,

That He calls us too.

To lay down our own reputation,

Our insecurities of not being liked,

Our fears of not being apart of the world,

To follow Him.

Now I am not meaning just physically,

Such as travelling new places,

Jumping out of a plane,

Or deep sea diving.

I am trying to get to the depth of our hearts.

The places we have grown complacent,


And unwilling to change.

The habits or ways we have formed and let become solidified.

Now some of those things aren’t bad,

But it may not be the best.

For you are capable of more.

God has called us out of comfort-ability,

And tunnel vision way of thinking/living,

To a life laid down for Him.

A willing heart to yield to Him,

To go out into the waters, although they may be deep and trust in Him.

Knowing that pressing into the things that make us uncomfortable,

The Truth He has spoken,

And the things we try to avoid.

So here I am to call you out.

To challenge you and remind you.

To encourage you to no longer avoid that which the Lord is asking you to lay down, the things He is asking you to walk towards, the sin that has begun to entagle you that He is asking you to throw off,

And to come to Him.

With your messiness,


Pride and whatever else you hold.

And to come to Him,

To press through that discomfort and hesitancy.

To step out in faith,

And press into the things that scare you,

The things that make you want to run,

Whether it be fears of commitment,

A bad relationship,

Unhealthy boundaries,

Destroying habits.

Press into those things and get to the root.

Pressing into the Lord and allowing Him to search your heart.

Not shying away from that which is hard but digging in deeper so that you can work through it, and dig out that root.

Figure out why it makes you uncomfortable,

Why you don’t want to step out,

Why you are fearful of coming to the Lord

Or even believing in His Truth.

Don’t stay on the same side of the river just because it’s safe or where you’ve always remained,

Don’t stay because the water seems quick,

Or waves too big.

Because remember the truth,

The water isn’t deep.

Don’t let distractions, fears or lies keep you from stepping out to what He has for you,

The life He has died so that you can embrace.

Don’t let what isn’t truth, keep you remaining where you are.

Because truth be told,

Although where you are might not be bad or an awful place,

Why you’re staying there isn’t bringing you life either.

A life full of willingness, of passion, of undying trust in the One whom loves you and calls you out to follow Him regardless of the cost, of the risk of the discomfort,

Because what He has before you,

Will bring far greater joy and freedom in life,

Than anywhere you try to keep yourself.

May you begin to cross the river,

Yielding yourself to Him and letting Him refine you,

Work through the things that you’ve tried avoiding,

And asking the hard questions,

Dealing with the past, hurtful memories,

To get to the root of discomfort.

Press into it and may His grace sustain you through it.

And through it all,

May your faith be strengthened.



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