You Got This.



In the midst of adversity,

In troubles,

In hardships,

Life gets hard.

And in the midst of all those things,

It down right sucks.

To put it honestly.

It hurts,

It aches,

There is resentment,

There is anger,

There’s a lack of understanding,

There are unanswered questions,

And our vision begins to narrow.

I don’t know about you,

But for me,

When I’m in the midst of challenges,

Of loss,

Of hurt,

It’s hard to see past it,

To see anything else.

But I have been trying to let the Lord work on my heart.

To keep my heart soft rather than being hard,

To let my eyes remain open to see all that He is doing through this time,

Through the time where I would rather let my tunnel vision kick in.

Because I don’t want to remain fixed on my problems,

I don’t want what I am going through to consume me,

Wreck me,

And hinder me from living a full life,

A life laid down for Him and all of His glory.

So in the midst of the challenges,

I fight to remind myself that I have a choice.

That I am able to move past all that is beginning to entangle me,

And that I am able to throw it off,

Able to face it, yet keeping my eyes fixed on what is ahead.

Able to walk through it, knowing that He who is Lord over all, walks through it, with me.

Able to work through all that arises because of it, knowing that He will sustain me, He will refine me and through it, He can use it for His glory.

Because He can take what is broken,

Take what is hard,

Take what the world sees as chaos,

As ugly,

As devastating,

As irreparable,

And use it for something beautiful,

Something eternal and something that turns eyes to Him.

So in the midst of all that you face,

You got this.

You got this because He who formed the earth,

He who created you,

Who loves you,

Who holds all of creation in His hands,

Can bring you through this.

For He is faithful to His promises to never leave you nor forsake you.

And however hard you pray to be plucked out of the situation you face,

Walking through it will refine you,

Will strengthen you,

Will root you,

Will deepen your faith,

But you must choose to let it do those things.

You must choose to let yourself be transformed.

You must choose to let Him use the adversity you face to blossom something beautiful in your life and the lives around you.

And trust me,

It’s hard.

It’s painful to change,

But it is worth it.

For to me,

I don’t see remaining the same as a good option.

I don’t see never letting myself be refined as something safe,

I see it as something that would keep me from living freely,

From living a life laid down.

For to me,

It has been through the hardest things I have faced,

Through heart break,

Through loss,

Through the pain of working through memories I have resented,

Through the things I have regretted,

And through the moments that pain me,

Where I have grown.

Where my roots has deepened,

And where even in the midst of fighting to do it,

Turned to face Him.

Turned to look to the Lord and lay it all down,

Acknowledging that in and of myself, I cannot do it.

I cannot conquer it all,

I cannot help myself,

But through His love,

By His Truth,

And His saving grace,

He can bring me out of it.

He can set me free from all that entangles me.

And He can walk me through the very thing I don’t want to face,

Or the situations I would make a mess out of,

The conflict with others,

The problems I would rather run from,

The people I would rather cut out,

Or the things I would rather numb myself from.

It is in the midst of all those things,

Where He reminds me that I am able too,

Because He holds it.

That as I look to Him,

I got this,

Because He holds me.

That as I trust in Him,

Seek help,

Seek truth,

Let others speak life over me,

Not letting my heart become hard,

That I am able to be more than a conqueror through Christ who loves us.

So I encourage you to turn to Him.

To come to Him with all your pains,

With all your baggage,

With all your guilt,

With all your fears,

With all that you want to run from,

With all of the problems that seem to entangle you,

And face them.

Work through them.

Wrestle with them and wrestle with God through them.

Letting your faith grow,

Letting your roots deepen,

Letting those you trust and respect,

Listen to you and walk with you through it.

Letting yourself become free rather than enslaved.

Remembering that,

“You have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.””
Romans 8:15

And so I encourage you to arm yourself with the armor of God (Ephesians 6)

To remain firm in truth,

Yielded to our Father

And trusting in Him to walk with your through all the giants you face.

To work through all the issues of your heart,

All the internal and external things you face,

And being transformed.

May you choose joy in the midst of all that you stand against.

May you choose courage,

May you choose to rejoice that what you face does not have to be for nothing,

May you choose to let your eyes remain fixed on Him,

Seeing what lays beyond it,

And the hope of glory He has prepared for you.

May you choose to face the resentment,

To face the questions you have,

To deal with the anger,

The hurt,

And bring it to His feet.

Letting Him console you and speak truth into your heart.

I pray that out of His glorious riches He would enlighten your heart to know His truth, that you would be rooted and grounded in the firmest faith. That He would soften your heart, open your eyes and give you ears to hear Him in the midst of all you stand against. I pray that you would be armed in His armor, that you would look to Him and be saved. That you would be transformed in the name of Jesus and continue to go from glory to glory, believing that He who began a good work in you will continue to do so until the day of Christ. I pray that you would have courage to face what stands before you and that joy would abound over you, that others would come to stand with you through it and by the grace of God you would see what He holds for you in this. In Jesus name, Amen.

Have a wonderful Monday friend,

You got this.


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