The day after Kid died,

I knew I needed to move on.

Although my heart broke at the thought of a loss of such a sweet companion.

I knew that mourning it looked a lot like moving forward.

I couldn’t sit and dwell on the fact that he was gone,

That would only make it harder.

So a couple days after Kid died,

I went to go look at a litter of puppies.

It wasn’t easy,

It was hard.

For all I wanted was Kid back not a new puppy.

But I accepted that a new puppy would never replace him,

He would actually probably make it harder at first.

But I knew that this was part of mourning, part of grieving,

And although a new companion would not bring the same life that Kid brought, he would bring something new.

So as I held this brown and white bundle of fur in my arms,

I felt like he was going to be called Mud.

Names for me have a pretty deep meaning.

For all throughout the Bible people were given names which kind of defined who they were and some names even changed if the person changed.

I googled that name when I got home and it means earth and water.

Through the loss of Kid,

I buried a lot with him.

And through that,

In my hurt,

My anger,

My lack of understanding,

The Lord reminded me that He always remains.

That although we are made from dust, made from earth,

Clay in the hands of a beautiful potter,

He holds us.

He sustains us.

He loves us and is faithful to His promises.

He met me in that time and reminded me that His is the solid foundation on which we are built on,

And if everything around us begins to shake,

As we remain rooted in Him,

We will remain firm and solid.

But we must look to Him,

We must allow our roots to grow deep.

To not let the soil of our hearts become hardened,

But letting His truth permeate us,

Washing over us and through us.

Walking by faith even when it hurts and holding fast to His truth.

For although it’s easier to turn to other things when the going gets tough,

To seek things to numb the pain or distract us.

Not even alcohol or substances, but Facebook, movies, other people.

Sometimes the easiest things doesn’t bring us life, but rather take it away.

For it’s usually the things that are harder to do, that heal us, mend us and bring us life.

For hear me out,

I may not have been what you’ve been through.

I don’t know how you feel or the hurt you’ve encountered.

But what I do know and the hope that I hold onto,

Is in the midst of those times that are hard,

If we are to look to Him,

Fixing our eyes

And remembering that we are like a tree planted by a stream of flowing water and we must let our roots grow deep so He can fill us, He can sustain us and in Him we have life.

We can have hope.

We can weather the storms.

We can somehow walk through even the fiery of trails.

For if we remain in Him we are reminded that although we are here on earth, we are truly living for a eternal purpose.

That whatever we face here is nothing in light of eternity.

And if we were to lose everything here on earth,

Would we be satisfied that Him and only Him remains?

So I named him Mud.

Reminding me that as we remain rooted in Him,

We are always able to be molded and shaped.

But if mud is not soaking in water,

It becomes hard and crackly.

Every time I look at my new pup,

I feel a bit of loss,

Loss for something I deeply loved,

And am still grieving Kid.

However there is deep beauty in that name for me, a deep reminder that I am but clay in the Potters hand.

And He is more than enough.

And I am thankful that He is eternal,

That His love is everlasting,

And if everything else is fragile in this world falls to pieces,

He won’t.

For He is our Rock,

Our Fortress,

Our Deliverer.

And in Him I will place my hope for He sustains me.

I know that there is a lot more to that name than I wrote about but so far these are the truths that I have come to,

Truths that help root me,

Ground me and give me hope that our lives are more full when we are in His hands.

For apart from Him there is despair and hopelessness.

But in Him I have the hope of eternity and that He can take whats broken and redeem it.

So I encourage you today my sweet friend,

Whatever you are going through,

Whatever you are facing,

No matter how easy it is to turn to other things,

Turn to Him.

I pray peace of you, His peace that goes beyond understanding and ask that He meets you where you are. That He reminds you of His faithfulness and love. May He be gracious to you and shine His face upon you today. May He give you a glimpse of His hope and take the next step with you, in Jesus beautiful name.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is in the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream. And does not fear when heat comes, for it’s leaves remain green. And is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”
Jeremiah 17:7-8



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