The Radiance of a Butterfly.

butterflyBeing transformed

I’m not sure what comes to mind when you hear that,

But for me,

I think of a butterfly.

I am reminded of the stages it goes through,

From a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Something that is so beautiful,

Was once something (a Caterpillar),

Which as a kid,

I ran from.

So I look at a butterfly,

For the Butterfly has a radiance to it.

A newness,

Letting it’s old self be striped off so that it’s new self can be seen.

For it once was hindered, unable to live freely,

And now, it is able too.

That is how I see transformation,

Putting behind us what was old and non-life giving,

To put on that which gives life and life to the fullest.

Allowing our Father to purify us, cleanse us and remove our old selves,

So that we can bear His image and self.

Not something that drains life from us or hinders us from actually living life,

But a process in which life is actually given back to us in a greater capacity.

To let Him transform us through the Holy Spirit into men and woman who no longer live for ourselves but Him.

And if you don’t believe in Jesus or have read the Bible,

This might sound kinda weird.

And I get that, believe me.

I haven’t always followed the Lord,

And since I came to believe with all my heart that Jesus is the truth, the way and the life,

I have come to have a little bit more of an understanding as to what transformation looks like.

And let me tell you, it is beautiful.

For He took me,

Someone who was broken, consumed in a lifestyle and seeking love/acceptance in all the wrong places,

To someone who now is being healed, restored and redeemed by a loving, faithful, oh so gracious God.

But first,

It takes us being willing,

Actually, us seeing that we need to change, that we aren’t truly happy, that we can’t keep living our lives this way or that we can’t stay in this broken lifestyle where nothing seems to bring me the happiness I want or the contentment in life.

It takes us hitting that point where we realize, there must be more to life,

For us to look up and see that, that’s Him.

He is more,

He is able to heal us,

He is able to restore what we have lost,

And He is more than enough to fill the emptiness in our souls,

The very emptiness we have tried to fill with everything and all things.

He is able,

But we must come to Him and let Him do so.

We must be willing to set aside and lay down the things that we’ve been doing,

So that we can cling to Him.

Just as a caterpillar allows the process of transformation happen,

Yielding itself to the steps it takes for the old self to be striped off and new self formed,

So we must do the same.

For me when I decided that the life I was living was not actually a life I wanted to keep living,

And turning to Jesus was the only way for me to have true life,

It was a hard process,

And still is.

It is a continual process of yielding myself,

Of letting myself be transformed – the parts of me that aren’t like Him, being refined and removed,

So that He may be seen through me.

It was hard not going back to the life where I loved my friends.

It was hard having to find different ways to cope with issues.

It was hard having to be conscious of my words and how I treated others.

It was hard going to church when I felt I wouldn’t fit in.

It was hard, but I am so thankful I did that.

I am so thankful I let myself start being transformed from a fragile girl to someone who is held together by His strength.

It is in no way, me trying to act perfect or like I have it all together,

But letting my broken pieces, my flaws and mistakes be seen,

Being real,

Being who I am and letting Him use me.

Letting His grace, His love and His forgiveness be something others can see, can witness so that others too will want that transformation.

And for me too, so that I can look back from where I came from and be encouraged to keep letting Him transform me.

To see the life I once lived, and how it felt hopeless, so that I can fight this fight well and live wholeheartedly for a King who loves so deeply.

A king who meets us where we are, even in the brokenness and hurt and remind us that there are beautiful things ahead. and that He makes all things beautiful.

It is me being me,

But without all that extra baggage I was carrying of trying so hard to fit into a world that doesn’t bring hope, that doesn’t bring life, but does the opposite.

It is me delighting in the Lord and His goodness,

Running to Him to find comfort when I face trials rather than the bar,

Reading His Word and believing in those truths, rather than reading magazines, listening to friends and taking advice that isn’t.

It is me seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness rather than trying to find attention in all the wrong places.

It is me, now having a better glimpse at who I was created to be.

No longer a caterpillar (cheesy, I know)

Struggling to make my way,

Into someone who now has hope of eternity,

A hope that their is more to life than just staying on the earth,

But able to live letting Him be the wind that carries me and keeps me afloat.

Being transformed is a hard process,

As it isn’t easy letting go of habits, of things we love that might not be good for us, and the things that are easier to do.

For sometimes just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it’s the best for us.

I have learned that for most of the time,

The hardest thing is the best thing.

And so I encourage you to have courage,

To rise up in the light of this truth,


“He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.”
2 Corinthians 5:15

May you see that the transformation a catarpillar takes to become a butterfly,

Is almost as if it is dying to its old self,

So that its new self can be seen.

So that is like us,

Dying to who we once were,

So that Christ may live in us.

Putting off our rags and putting on His robes.

Living in this world but not letting it stain us.

It is for the joy set before us that we fix our eyes on Him,

And living for Him in a world that is trying to bring us away from His truth,

But let me tell you,

No matter how hard life gets,

Living for Him is more than worth it.

For in light of eternity,

He is the One whom can bring us life,

Who can give us purpose,

And who reminds us that His love is everlasting,

And His love is that which empowers us to live.

Knowing we are loved by love Himself.

For I am either being conformedĀ to be like the world or transformed to be like Jesus,

And I choose Him. Over and over again, I choose Him, the giver of life.

“The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”
Jeremiah 31:3


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