The Beauty of Refinement.

 In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”
1 Peter 1:6-7

Refinement is a beautiful process.

It is the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.

Gold is heated to high temperatures, liquefied, so that the impurities rise to the surface and be scraped off.

So that all that is impure in it, and not gold will be removed so that only what is gold will remain.

And although it is a beautiful process,

When it’s happening to us, it hurts.

For me,

It’s never easy being refined.

Seeing what isn’t pure in me and working through it.

It hurts because it’s usually through tough times, situations or hardships where these impurities are brought to surface and then slowly scraped off as I choose to let them go.

And sometimes it’s a continual process,

Where similar impurities arise that need to be scraped off.

But what I have come to realize, is it’s still a choice.

Unlike gold,

We have a will, we have a say.

It’s up to us whether we are willing to be moulded in the hands of a loving, gracious God,

Or whether we want to remain where we are and who we are.

For me,

I have come to realize that who I am apart from God is not worth living for,

I am full of flaws, insecurities, addictions and bad habits,

And when I fix my eyes on Him and let Him refine me,

I come to see the greater, beautiful picture;

That living in the hands of a great God is far better than living for myself in a world where without Him,

Is without hope, without a future, without a purpose.

So I would rather let Him refine me,

For although it’s painful,

Although it’s not easy and sometimes I want to pull out, to turn off the switch of the refining process and be done with it,

I know,

Deep down, that this is far better than continuing to live with those impurities,

To continue living in ignorance,

To continue living for myself rather than whole heartedly for Him.

Because I’ve done that,

I’ve lived that kind of life,

And eventually happiness runs out,

And you are never content.

And living in a world for others is more breaking than living for a God whose heart is to heal you, mend you and make you whole again.

For being refined is one of the most beautiful gifts.

It shows our Fathers heart,

That He meets us where we are,

He meets us with our rags on and in filth,

And tenderly washes us,

Removing our rags and placing on us His robs.

And I am deeply thankful for this process,

Deeply thankful that by His grace I can be redeemed,

That my brokenness can be mended,

That my ugly flaws can be removed,

And my hard heart softened so that slowly I can be like Him,

Loving, kind, compassionate, slow to anger, forgiving, and so much more.

But it is a process we must continue to live in and let Him do.

To fix our eyes on Him rather than the world and those around us,

Letting go of the things that entangle us and choose Him, choose life, choose faith.

For I am learning a lot of this through the hardships I face,

But also through my horse Malachi.

I bought him back in April.

He is completely different than Agape,

And I expected to be able to work with him as I do with her,

And humbly I came to see that wasn’t working,

I was getting impatient with him, frustrated and discouraged.

That’s what I realized in Malachi the book in the Bible,

It talks about refinement and being purified,

And that’s what I needed.

To let the Lord refine me of all those things,

To come to rest in the Lord and not try to strive out of my own strength,

But to realize that learning and being humbled is a beautiful things.

That being refined by a God who loves me, is far greater than living in the world trying to gain approval from others who are also doing the same and to a standard that doesn’t bring hope, doesn’t bring love, doesn’t bring joy or mostly, life.

So through a little horse,

Who is laid back,

I have learned that I need to continually be refined,

Continually be like clay in the potters hand.

Willing to learn, willing to be moulded and willing to become less so that He may be greater in me.

For that is a beautiful thing about living by faith,

Living walking with the God of the universe,

A God who loves His creation and longs to bring them back to who He created us to be,

That knowing our lives here are to bring Him glory.

And for me, by letting Him work out my imperfections, my flaws and my impurities,

That allows Him to be seen.

For in my brokenness,

If I let Him, His light shines through my cracks, fragile pieces and rough edges, so that others may have the hope that His love reaches deep and knows no bounds.

He meets me down in the pits and calls me to look to Him,

Reaching out His hand and leaving it up to me whether I will grab hold of it.

And He is doing that to you too.

As you go through the refining process,

May His grace hold you there,

May His love reach the deep parts of your heart and

May His joy abound in you.

You are deeply loved and cherished,

Even when it gets a little hot and walking away would seem easier,

May that truth hold you there.

That it is because He loves us, that He refines us.

For just before impurities come out,

It gets pretty tough,uncomfortable and hard as we face seeing our not so pretty imperfections.

But in light of His love, may you freely let them go, and know that what will come out of it in the end is far better than remaining where you are.

For it is when we go through trials where our faith is tested,

Where it is strengthened and roots deepened.

Where we no longer depend or trust in ourselves but place all our confidence in the Lord to bring us out of it.

Where we realize that in and of ourselves we have nothing that can sustain us or give us eternal life,

But in Him who died for us and redeems us, only in Him is eternal life,

And being refined to be like Him, is beautiful beyond measure,

And there is no greater gift than that.

No greater privileged than going through the refiners fire to become like Him.

Have a lovely day friend.

He will act like a refiner and a purifier of silver. He will purify Levi’s sons and refine them like gold and silver. Then they will bring acceptable offerings to the LORD.”
Malachi 3:2

“And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”
Isaiah 64:8



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