Eyes To See And A Heart To Stop.


I’m coming to see the beauty in being at peace where you are,

To realize that although you may want to be elsewhere,

Doing bigger things or even different things,

The fact is, for the time being you are where you are.

And it’s whether you are all there or not that makes the difference.

For a while at my job, I wasn’t all here.

I was physically here,

Doing the work, talking to people, trying to do my best to improve things,

But I realized that as I was so concerned with doing more for the Lord and trying to find a place to do it,

I was missing out on being here.

On seeking His heart for those I was already around and love those who crossed my path.

And the past year,

I have been learning how to embrace where I am, whose around me and how to live abiding in the Lord right where I stand.

Because I have come to see that this is really all I have for right now,

What if I stay here for the next 10 years, what if I die tomorrow, what if this is actually where I am meant to be but I am missing out on living for the Lord because I am consumed with thinking I should be elsewhere, doing something different rather than doing all He has called us to do as followers of Him, right where I stand?

For what we have been given is a beautiful gift and to steward that well is what we should be doing.

Because even if it doesn’t look like your dream job or life,

We are still able to live whole heartily for the Lord.

Because we may never get that dream job or live the life we have hoped to imagine,

We are actually not promised those things,

But what we are promised is eternity with our King and that is the only thing worth living towards.

“It’s not how much you do, but how much heart is in what you do.” Mother Teresa

It has taken me a little while to see that right where I am matters,

And how I live here and now matters.

Who I am matters and the most important thing I can be doing is spending time with the Lord in the midst of it all.

Seeking His face and His heart for where I am, and being His hands and feet.

‘Give me eyes to see those around me as you see them and a heart to stop to meet them there Lord.’

Because it all comes down to how we love.

I could work for my whole life, making money, succeeding, getting better at my skills and becoming great,

But in the end, it comes down to how well I laid down my life for Him who did that for me.

How well I loved the least of these,

How well I loved those who crossed my path,

How well I loved Him through it all.

Here is a paragraph from a book I am reading “Practicing the Presence of People” By Mike Mason 

“Mother Teresa looked past the present, surface appearance of people to see into their past and future. She saw their beautiful, innocent past in the Garden of Eden, and she saw their glorious potential as the children of God in heaven. Seeing the light of God’s image deep down in human beings, she devoted herself to lovingly cleaning way the smudge and grime of poverty and neglect so that this true light could shine. Sure enough, as she gently touched the destitute and the dying and cleaned their wounds, an actual light seemed to glow in them. Many who have visited her house of charity have spoken of the otherworldly radiance in these dim, ugly, unlikely places…The people she tended too were Christ to her. She took quite literally Jesus’ words, “Whatever you did for one of the east of these brothers of mine, you did for me” Matthew 25:40′ 

“She went to the gutters and garbage heaps, to places where humanity itself had been thrown away and left to rot, and there she set to work patiently and tenderly restoring to people the dignity of being human…Can we not make it our goal to give some dignity to everyone we meet, to encounter others n a way that leaves them actually feeling more human, more loved?” 

And that stirs a passion in my heart and I hope it does for you too.

I hope it stirs a deep passion to love others genuinely,

To see them not in the eyes of the world but in the eyes of our Heavenly Father who loves them and who died for them also.

Because that is all that matters,

How well we have loved.

And that brings me peace,

To be reminded that I do not need to labor in vain or try to gather much here on earth,

But to come to Him and humbly be willing to live, wholeheartedly right where I stand and to those around me.

And I’m reminding you that you too have that beautiful invitation,

To throw off your flesh and your own desires that lead you away from those who need love,

But to have new eyes, to come spend time with the Lord and be given His.

So that when you walk down the street, go to the mall, go to work, do what you love,

That you would stop for others – to speak life to them, to encourage them, to love them and to give.

To remember that this life isn’t about you,

But to die to yourself so that our loving King can be seen through you,

Even when you would rather keep doing more work or finishing what you had wanted to get done,

That people would come before that and that they would become a priority in your life.

That just as our loving Lord stopped for those on the street when everyone else was in a hurry,

That you too would do that, to put aside your flesh and all else that entangles you, and to live well for the Lord.

“The world is suffering much, because of this terrible disease – not of leprosy, not of tuberculosis, not even hunger – but of that feeling of wanting to be wanted, to be loved, to be somebody to somebody.” Mother Teresa. 

Because we can all do something,

We don’t need to be in a third world country or in the slums to be His hands and feet,

Right where we stand is where we can begin – where we can choose to see past ourselves and even those who are easy to love,

And to love all – to step outside of ourselves to do what isn’t always easy, what takes ourselves to sacrifice what we would rather be doing with our time,

And allow His love to pour out of us, so that others may have a glimpse of the hope that we have,

Coming to realize that just as they are – they too are loved and they too are enough for Him.

Have a wonderful day my friend, and may you spend time with our Father, knowing that you too,

Even in your brokenness and busyness are deeply loved.

“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you” 
John 15:12


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