Our Desire To Be Great.

38433b3e10c6af955eef3226a825079bI am going to go out on a limb here and assume that I am not the only one,

The only one who has something that I strive to be better at,

Who works hard to sharpen that skill,

And even when I fail, tries to become great at it.


I am coming to see that it isn’t always a good thing.

Because that thing we are dreaming about may actually become a hindrance.

Let me explain (or at least do my best too).

For me, this thing that I strive to be better at is horses.

And daily I have to now remind myself that there is more,

So much more to life than horses and becoming better at it.

Because it is easy to lose sight in the midst of it all,

To lose sight that we were called to something higher.

To a life that isn’t just about us,

About us getting what we want,

About us making our dreams come true (or even deserving them too, for that fact),

Or about us becoming successful.

And this is still something that isn’t always easy for me to accept or come to,

But I have to realize that this life is to bring glory to God.

And that is much more beautiful than anything horses can bring me.

For in the midst of striving to become great at something,

Other than walking closer with the King of kings,

I begin to lose sight of Him becoming great in the midst of it.

And maybe this is just me, and maybe you don’t have this problem,

But for me it is something that I am glad to know.

Because as much as I love horses,

When I live in light of eternity,

Horses are but a tool, and a desire I trust the Lord has placed on my heart,

So that He may be glorified through it.

So that as I work with horses, I can do the work that really matters;

Loving people and loving the Lord my God with all my soul, strength and mind.

And for me, it’s horses.

But for you it could be guitar, carpentry, school, dance, your relationship.

I don’t want you to be mislead either,

Thinking that it’s easy for me to do this or that I’ve learned how to always keep God first.

That is why I am writing this,

Because I am learning, and it’s a struggle and I lose sight of it constantly,

But am trying to keep my eyes fixed on Him and learning to walk shoulder to shoulder with Him first in my life.

To become less so that He can become great.

To not focus on myself succeeding but on His Truth becoming that which does in my life.

Because what would I gain if I became the best horsewoman in the world?

Where would my treasure be?

And don’t get me wrong, there are probably people in this world that are great at their skill and yet love the Lord with all their heart and bring Him glory,

But for me right now, it’s hard to keep my eyes fixed on two big things.

On trying to grow closer to the Lord and to love Him through something that I am trying to get better at.

And maybe I just need balance.

But to be honest, I don’t want anything to hinder me from loving the Lord with all my heart,

For in the end, that is what will truly matter.

And I am not even quite sure as to how to live daily doing all this,

But I think it starts with everyday laying down the things we are trying hard to hold onto,

Or the things that have a hold on us,

And choose to focus on Him.

For the more that we spend time in His presence – we are able to realize when it’s starting to become all consuming.

And keep a willing heart to step back from it.

Rather than me always wanting to ride, or getting up in the morning to ride  –

I try to get up to spend time with Him, when I realize I am starting to prioritize horses before Him.

And if I can’t step back from it, letting it go for a bit and checking my heart.

Seeing why this thing has become so important to me and why I feel a need to hold so tightly onto it.

For what is driving that fear?

Is it fear of failure and what others may think?

Is my value and identity beginning to be wrapped up in that skill?

For my value and identity should only be in Christ.

Because the more that it is in anything else, the quicker I will lose myself.

For so often we think that everything is a one time fix,

But that’s not true.

We daily have to let go of the same things; and daily have to walk with the Lord.

Daily acknowledging that He is great, and I am not.

Because we all want to be wanted.

Daily we have to fight the fight to keep Him first.

To keep Him Lord of our lives and live to please Him, not man or ourselves.

So let me ask you two questions,

What are you afraid of if you let this skill go?

And how would your life have to change for you to achieve the things you deeply, truly want in this world?

For me I have come to realize that I am afraid of a lot of things,

I am afraid of not measuring up to people’s expectations of me.

And I have come to ask myself that second question a couple of times, and each time I am able to see my heart in a new light.

But I would answer that question now by saying, I need to keep my heart in check.

To keep seeing why I would be chasing other things that getting to know the Lord more and living a life laid down for him.

To keep making sure that I am putting Him first and not myself.

To keep my eyes fixed on Him and His truth, that He has called us to live for Him.

And that is such a beautiful, gracious thing.

That we are able to spend time with the Lord,

And to keep that first and foremost so that we can honour Him in all the other parts of our lives.

For in doing so we can love people better, do my job more joyfully and in all things bring Him to the center of it.

This is probably a long winded blog.

But I hope my main point got across,

That in all things to keep our eyes fixed on eternity.

For all else will crumble one day and we cannot bring our horses to heaven,

We cannot bring our awards or our belt buckles.

And one day when we stand before God Almighty,

That is what will truly matter.

How we have lived, how we have loved and how we have honoured Him in all that we did.

And that is what drives me to live a better life.

To know that He loved me so deeply,

He loved us so deeply to come and give us life,

That sharing that with others is the greatest thing we can do with our little lives here.

That is a beautiful gift to have to share,

That is the greatest thing we can do with our lives.

Above we ourselves becoming great at something,

It is letting God be great and be seen.

To let others see Him rather than ourselves.

May He be gracious to you as you see the things in your life that may be taking place of god in your life,

And may He give you courage to let that go and let Him be first.

May you be second. (If you haven’t seen those Youtube videos you should watch a few.)

Have a wonderful day friend.

“Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity.”
John 12:25


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