Dear Self, You Are Missing Out On Life.

Dear Self,

You are missing out on life.

You are missing out on enjoying life, a wholehearted life, a life full of love and deep joy,d39ccf9116336294ea5df31251c00b4c

Because you are fearful.

You hold onto the past.

You hold onto hurt.

You hold onto the what ifs, the possibilities of it all happening again.

You hold onto insecurities.

You let the thoughts of failing, of making mistakes, of being hurt again,

Keep you from moving on,

From being free. (Galatians 5)

You may think that holding onto these countless things are helping or keeping you safe, but in reality they are eating at you, destroying you and hindering you growing, moving forward and most importantly,

Keeping you from embracing your life.

Today you will choose to step forward and to walk away from this way of life you have allowed yourself to be suffocated by.

You will no longer live by you fears, but by your hopes.

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears” Nelson Mandela

Because perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:1)

Fear destroys relationships, destroys people who were on the verge of greatness and has kept people from living the beautiful lives they were capable of.

Because that is what fear does,

It suffocates you,

Hinders you,

And keeps you caged in.

Don’t be so fearful of something going wrong that you don’t do anything.

For that’s a bigger fear you should have,

Not doing anything.

Holding back because of the fears of what if’s or fear of messing up.

That will keep you from missing out on something beautiful.

Missing out on embracing what life is made for.

Missing out on receiving love and being able to give it back.

Missing out on creating a life for yourself.

But mostly missing out on a life that can bring you such richness,

Richness in the sense of deep joy, of freedom in no longer being held back from showing your heart and taking steps out in faith, being able to receive love and pour it right back out.

Richness in the deepest parts of your heart where money and things of this world can’t touch.

But mostly richness in allowing your heart to be healed, healed from all the hurt you have let sit there for too long. Healed from the lies you have allowed yourself to believe. And set free to embrace life again, to live it and deal with everything as it comes, rather than anticipating all these things that might never happen.

Don’t hold back because of fear, you will regret it and you have regret it.

It won’t be easy because that life is found on the other side of fear – it’s found in courage.

Take courage and step out – no longer keeping yourself boxed in and not doing stupid or things that may get you in real trouble – you still have wisdom and discernment, but doing the things which you know you should be doing but have let fear hold you back.

Because in taking risks, there will be hurts, there will be failure, there will be challenges

But there is also immense beauty in stepping out in courage to do something.

That is where your heart will come alive,

Where passion is ignited again

And where you can finally come to see that all along, you were waiting, wanting to be brave.

For the Lord has commanded us countless times to take heart,

To have courage rather than to be discouraged,

To step out in faith to trust in Him.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9

This is not saying you will never face fear again, but rather how you deal with it when it comes.

Using it as a catalyst rather than a cage. Jumping out of the boat and onto the water, instead of staying in the boat. (Matthew 14:22-23)

Because it is when you feel fearful that you need to bring it before the Lord and step out.

When you begin to feel fear creep in, do something.

Getting to the root of why that fear is there, because you shouldn’t overlook the reasons why you have that fear but once getting to the cause of it, and getting help to work through it, you can one day, hopefully move past it.

For it is in the moments of great fear that you need to persevere because if you let it, fear will creep in and hold you back from something beautiful.

And no matter how much you feel that not doing anything is a better option, that isn’t true.

Not doing something because of fear will only take away from your life, it will leave you longing and regretting.

Because for the most part there will never be a safe option in life

Stepping out past fear will not be something easy, or something safe, but something that will take courage.

It will take you being vulnerable and will come with a cost.

But out on the water is more beautiful than staying in the boat.

Because at least out on the water you can’t say you didn’t give it your all,

You can’t say you didn’t try, and that you didn’t put your heart into it.

And that is what you want for your life.

To be able to say that you didn’t hold anything back,

That you didn’t hide your heart, that you didn’t hold back because of fear,

But that you stepped out; to love deeply, to trust in the One who holds it all and give it all you’ve got.

And even when you fall, even when hurts come, even when rejection happen,

You can’t say you didn’t give it your all.

Live your life wearing your heart on your sleeve,

Because there is something that encourages others to do the same when they see someone living boldly.

Keep your brave heart because what’s worse than dealing with a broken heart is living with the regret of not doing something, saying something or taking a step out on an adventure because of fear.

Fear of it not going how you expected, or failing, or being hurt in the process.

Because regardless you are going to face those things,

And it’s going to hurt,

But you also know that it’s part of life.

And you are no longer going to hide from it,

Going to try to protect yourself from the things that will come,

Because truthfully, those thing could never come and then what, you wasted your life, trying to protect yourself from something that never came to pass anyways and in that time of hiding, you missed out on truly remarkable things.

Rise up,

Put on your armor (Ephesians 6:8-10) and decide that in this world, you are going to be brave.

There is far too much beauty to hold back because of fear,

There is far too much you are capable of than to live sheltering yourself.

There is far too much in you that this world could use.

Fear won’t just go away on it’s own,

The more you continue to live by fear,

The more it will control your life.

You must choose to move past that fear,

To step out, jump out if you have too and decide that you will no longer be governed by that fear.

It is only when you meet that fear, that lie you have come to believe and accept,

Face to face,

And let light shine on it, realizing that’s all it is,


It is not truth.

It is not reason.

It is the piece of dust in your eye that is keeping you from seeing clearly,

And once you decide to remove it,

Life begins to become brighter and alive.

But it is a continual choice,

Just like with love. (1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:10)

You must choose to let go of fear, to move past it, to not let it control you.

To get help for the deeply rooted fears where you have legitimate reasons to be fearful,

Don’t just brush fear aside, but deal with it, allowing our gracious Father to heal your heart, redeem what has been lost and restore in you a greater trust in Him, a deeper understanding of who He is and who you are in Him.

You can’t do this without Him,

For every day you are going to have to choose,

How do you want to live your life?

What are you going to let control your life?

And what are you going to do about it all?

What are you going to lay down for Him to finally be able to hold?

Bring it before the only One who can set you free from all these things,

And continue to choose Him.

For Jesus Christ is Lord and He is gracious.

He will uphold you and strengthen you – but first you must come to Him and jump out in faith.

Because you can’t do it alone,

You can’t move past fears, and deeply rooted ones in that matter,

Without His Truth, His love and the confidence we have that in Him there is life and life in abundance.

And when coming to see the fears in our hearts, we may realize that we need someone else to talk too, whether it be friends, family, a counselor – talk about them, no longer keep them secrets.

We must choose to no longer live entangled by the things you have allowed to do so for this long,

And choose life instead.

You can’t just keep waiting for something,

Waiting for bravery to bit you in the butt or for things to be fixed all by themselves,

You can’t keep waiting for a big break,

You must step out and use what you already have.

Strengthening your courage, using your faith and choosing to love regardless of how you feel.

It is all a choice.

It is a choice how you are going to live your life,

So wake up and live it.

Embrace each day and find the beautiful simplicity in each moment.

Do the things you love and love those who cross your path and are in your life.

Because life won’t just happen for you,

You must go out there and start doing something.

You must step out, choosing to say something, to do something, to be that person who could change someone elses life.

You must choose to live your life and be the one who boldly steps out when other people stay on the boat.

Because that is where you are called to be,

Not in the so called ‘safe place’ that fear shouts to you to stay but out on the water, putting it all out there for Jesus to keep you a float, because in a life laid down for Him, there are risks but it is always far greater to be out on the water, risking it all then staying where you are because of fear.

Don’t stay in that place of fear.

Don’t miss out.

For you don’t want to miss saying something to someone you love because of fear. People won’t wait forever.

Don’t forget that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to not always get it right – because in the end it matters where your hearts were in each decision and if you always positioned before Jesus, He can redeem it and create something beautiful out of it.

For it is when you are living by faith, moving past fears and removing the chains it has entangled you in, that you are able to truly live in the freedom that Christ died for everyone to have.

There is a lot more to fear and life than what can be written in this one letter, but if you could know anything, it would be that whenever you feel fear, jump out of the boat and onto the water.

Use it as a catalyst rather than a hindrance.

You are braver than you think, because He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

And He has not given you a spirit of fear and timidity but one of power, love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7).

Today will be a good day, it will be one of challenges but also of immense beauty if you choose to see it.

Be gentle with yourself as it takes time to work through the issues of your heart.

Try not to over think things but to simplify it,

Taking it one step at a time and dealing with each thing as it comes up.

You are going to live a beautiful life, one far from ordinary.



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