The grass is not greener.

15752_781254011932618_5595070478152408264_n We’ve become a culture where we’ve lost our values.

We are non-committers.

We are self-seekers.

We are, in my opinion, far from being who we are meant to be.

Rather than being content with ourselves and not caring about conforming to the ways of the world,

We live daily trying to be like another.

We look for quick fixes, the ones where we don’t have to work for much.

We buy the cheapest products made in places where children are slaves, rather than products we have made in honest work.

We ‘fall out of love’ with people and wreck relationships, end marriages because we are inlove with someone else, rather than seeing that love is a choice, not a feeling and it takes work but we neglect the commitment we made because we care more about ourselves then the work it would take.

We are trying to achieve a false concept of beauty,

We are spending hours at a gym trying to obtain something, only our culture has stated as ‘beautiful’.

But even when we obtain some level of the ‘worlds beauty’ we are never fully okay with that, there’s always something we need to change.

How is that a way to live? Never being happy with the way we look, regardless of what others look like or the people on magazines.

Our appearances do not last, accidents happen, sickness comes, old age is a beautiful thing – when we rely on our appearance’s to bring us happiness and acceptance; we are setting ourselves up for heartbreak and anxieties.

There is far, far more to each of us than our looks and that is our heart.

Our soul is the most beautiful thing we can have, our emotions, our feelings, our character are beautiful things which, with our body and mind, makes us.

Don’t focus on one aspect of yourself and lose sight of what truly matters.

Most of all, we’ve forgotten that all of this comes from our choice.

We choose what we want to partake in or not.

We choose to love.

We choose to be happy.

We choose to be sad.

We choose to be lazy.

We choose to be discontent.

We choose to stay in an abusive relationship.

We choose to lust after something.

I am not saying this to neglect true health issues or mental issues, just to clarify.

All that we are doing with our lives, day to day is our choice.

Love is not a feeling, it doesn’t come and go.

It is a choice we have to make everyday.

My mom and my dad, I would say have a beautiful marriage.

I asked my mom, how after, 25 years she could still be so inlove with my dad.

She replied, “Everyday, I wake up and I choose to love him. Some days are easy and some days aren’t, but regardless, everyday, I wake up, look at him and say to myself that I am going to love him no matter what.”

When we get caught up in the idea that we must ‘feel’ a certain way to do something, We are wrong.

Because we aren’t to live led by our feelings but rather by our knowledge.

When we start thinking about doing something that clearly isn’t right, It’s up to us to take that thought captive and choose to do what we know is right.

We need to learn the virtues again of self-control, slow to anger, patience, kindness, love and hope.

Regardless how hard the right decision may be at times and how easy the wrong one is.

In the long run, the wrong decision, will lead to harder times.

It’s up to you, to choose how you want to live your life.

How you want to see the world.

What you let affect you and what you remain strong in.

Because I believe that we are able to be set apart from this world.

To be healthy and take care of our bodies but not obsess about our looks and appearances, especially to make us feel better about ourselves.

To be loving and kind, even to those who aren’t towards us.

To be faithful to our spouse, to our families, to our kids, to our friends.

To be committers.

To be selfless and not only look to our own interests.

To be someone who decides to do what is right, even when it may be the hardest thing.

To be someone who chooses to value their lives, to value themselves and others.

To be someone who speaks words of encouragement and love rather than tearing others down or gossip.

To be respectful, towards others and ourselves.

To respect each other enough to dress not trying to draw attention or provoke one another, to talk to one another with respect, look at another with respect.

I am thankful that we have a God who has shone these lights into our darkness, who has already shown us the way to live set free from the things of this world that try to weigh us down and rather than make our lives better, in the end, only take away from what we could truly be embracing with our lives.

May today be a day where you choose to be happy.

Where you choose to see the best in someone else.

Where you choose, regardless of how you feel, to get up, out of bed and embrace this day with the life you have and all the beautiful things within your heart, you have to bring to this world.

Buying this or that, changing your hair colour, getting bigger arms, being with that person or this – that won’t bring you the ‘happiness’ you are seeking, because the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

If only you had what they had, then you would be happy…

That isn’t the case, the grass is greener where you water it. It all starts within your heart.

Have a wonderful day, for just as you are, without all the junk the world screams you have to have; you’re loved and more than enough.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2



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