Do All Things With Love


Sitting on the fence I look out into the early morning sunrise.

The horses gently eating hay as the fog covers the field.

It’s pretty amazing that our Lord is so patient with us and willing to give us the same lessons, over and over again.

For not too long ago,

I felt a need to go and do something great, to go and do something more than what I am already doing now.

And as I felt that same questions begin to pile up, He meets me again where I am at, no hesitations, no frustration but full of love and reassurance.

And in this moment, in all His tenderness and grace, He quieted my heart yet again.

“For my Kingdom isn’t about doing the greatest work, it is about doing all things with great love for my glory.”

I was humbled to be reminded that He doesn’t look only at my deeds but at my heart.

He looks at what I do with what I am given.

He looks at my willingness to serve Him above all else.

He looks at us, counting the costs and choosing Him, regardless of how great the cost seems.

For in His timing He will bring to pass all the desires on our heart.

He knows all that we want to do, all that we want to accomplish and yet asks us to be faithful with what we have.

He asks us to be faithful when it’s time to let things go.

He asks us to be willing to lay, even our greatest dreams, down for Him and remember that everything has it’s place, beneath Him.

And He has brought you to where you are.

He doesn’t always call us to do extraordinary things, to be in the spotlight, to do grand things where people notice.

He calls us to do the little things, even the things where no one else notices…but Him.

He calls us to love the people we would normally walk past, to love our families and honor them, to take time to serve those around us.

He calls us to step down off our pedestal and choose to be humbled and serve even the least of these.

He is so faithful to hand us the very things we ask for, when we are ready to receive them while keeping our eyes fixed on Him.

May we not be so haste to drop what He has given us for something else that may seem better.

For when He gives us something to steward we will be tempted to grab a hold of something else that turns our eyes to ourselves rather than fixed on Him.

I do believe that God gives us choices and allows us to chose the next step, sometimes they are both good but other times there can be decisions that are either for our glory or His.

I pray that you have discernment when making decisions, that He would make straight the paths before you and bring clarity as to what He is asking you to do.

For His plans for us are always good, they are full of hope and to refine us, to grow us and strengthen our faith in Him.

Choosing Him isn’t the easy option, it sometimes isn’t even what we necessarily want at times and it brings challenges but regardless, it is always worth choosing Him.

After talking with a sweet friend of mine, I realized that we are a restless generation.

We are people who expect, demand and want but aren’t willing to put in the hard work, the time and count the cost.

We don’t take into account that things most likely won’t go how we expect them too,

That we won’t get exactly what we want and that life won’t always happen how we demand it too.

But that’s okay.

Because in the larger scale of life, all that matters is what we do with the time we have.

We are to look towards God in all we do and give Him the desires of our hearts, but they aren’t to rule our hearts and be the only thing we live for.

For when I get caught up in my dreams, my desires and my wants, I lose sight of Him and all that He is asking me to do where I am.

May we learn to be a generation who seeks first His Kingdom and righteousness.

Who acknowledge our dreams and lay them down to our Father in heaven.

For I believe He does place desires on our hearts but they aren’t to become god to us.

We are to live in the moment and do what we can for His Kingdom because it is already in our midst.

It is easy to get caught up in our dreams and the future, rather than embracing the moment, making the most out of your time (even if it’s a hard season) and loving the people right in front of you.

May we learn to walk in Gods timing, trusting that He will bring to pass the desires He has placed in our hearts as He will.

His timing is always far greater than our own and He cares more about our character and heart than about giving us what we want.

Despite where you are and what you are doing, what you feel you are lacking or where you wish you could be – take a moment to ask God what He wants from you for this season, what He has planned for you.

I know in my life, it is far to easy for me to get caught up in what I don’t have or what I wish I had, rather than thanking the King of kings each day for the countless treasures He has given me.

Once I come back to spending time with Him in His presence, I realize that where I am is in His hands and He is holding it all, He is holding me.

He hasn’t left me nor forsaken me. But is standing there waiting for me to look to Him for guidance, for reassurance, for strength and for His grace.

When I fix my eyes back on Him, I am able to see all that I am not doing because I am only looking at myself.

I miss being able to love those around me, to share each moment with them, to make memories and enjoy it all.

I forget to love the Lord with all my heart and to love those around me, because I am fixed on what I want rather than enjoying life with those around me who are so willing to take part in it with me.

May we learn to wait on the Lord, to trust in Him, to know the cost of following Him and rejoicing even in the moments that are hard.

May we learn above all else to love the Lord and others. To love where we are, even if it’s challenging and hard and see that only we (by the grace of God) can change our hearts position. May He soften our hearts, allowing us to see as He does, and a joy to embrace this season we are in.

For He is enough and He holds each situation you are in and you through it – look to Him and find refugee.

Let all that you do be done in love.”
1 Corinthians 16:14


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