Imprinted Scars


Each of us have scars.

Whether they are visible or not.

Whether they are physical, emotional or mental.

We have all be through things which have shaped us and left us imprinted.

Whether we admit it or not.

For the things we have chosen, have had a part in shaping us.

The mistakes I have made have brought me to who I am today.

They had the chance to either break me or strengthen me.

Sometimes they strengthened me first, others time they broke me before strengthening me.

However by the grace of God, they haven’t kept me broken.

And I pray the same for you.

For whatever scars you have, you can be healed from.

For it is easy to remain broken rather than allowing ourselves to be healed, restored and renewed.

You may never have the scars removed, but the pain and memories from them can be.

A few months ago, out of pride and foolishness, I was kicked by both back feet of my horse.

I now have two scars on either side of my thighs from the impact of her hooves.

There are patches of skin that are numb and a bit indented.

I still question if my legs will ever look the same again but now I have a peace that even if they don’t I’m okay with it.

Because I used to worry about having these scars for the rest of my life,

Until I talked to a sweet friend of mine, who showed me her scars.

She showed me and told me the story of her accident and I soon realized that scars are beautiful.

They are beautiful because they tell a story of Gods redemption, of His forgiveness and of His goodness and mercy.

They are beautiful because they didn’t leave us defeated but rather by Gods grace victorious.

They are lessons learned, even if it was a hard way or one we wish didn’t happen.

But regardless, we have them and for the time being, they aren’t going anywhere.

So what do we do if we have scars we wish weren’t there?

The scars which run deep and probe the tender parts of our hearts?

I have learned to bring them to the Lord.

And maybe that isn’t the answer you are looking for, but it is the only one which will heal your brokenness.

May we learn to lay before Him the scars which don’t seem to be healing.

The scars which hurt and bring back memories we wish weren’t there.

Because only He can heal them. Only He can bring us comfort and understanding.

For He is Our Healer, Our Redeemer, Our Rock and Our Comforter.

I open my scared hands and He reminds me of His Son who has already bore them and set me free for them to be healed, rather than me hiding them to remain opened and hurting. He asks me to see them so He can mend it.

For only flesh and blood can heal our scars, and Jesus is that flesh and blood. He can place His gentle hands over and restore what was taken and left imprinted.

For He loves you, even with the scars. He knows that they are there and isn’t ashamed of them. He just asks us to bring them to Him so we no longer have to try to cover them up.

I am choosing to let my scars be made known, so God can use them for His glory.

To let myself be a canvass for Him to reveal His goodness, mercy, love and forgiveness through.

For a long time, I thought my scars were unlovable, not worth healing and would keep me unforgivable.

But Jesus showed me His hands and His ribs ; declaring that He was pierced for my sins, and He bears the scars I’m trying to hide, so I could be set free from the guilt and shame of them – so I could be set free to choose Him as He has chosen me.

The scars you are keeping from being healed, aren’t yours to hold onto.

Just as I learned.

And its freeing, its beautiful, its redemption at the core – we are saved from our scars.

For they are able to be healed, they are able to be sealed and the pain from them can begin to be washed away.

It may not be in your time and most of the time, Gods timing is never the same as ours.

And that’s okay, for His timing is always far better than ours.

The scars you are dealing with, when brought to God can be made new.

For although the imprint may remain, the story can be changed.

It can be changed from pain and bitterness, to the joy of salvation and restored hope.

A restored hope that you wont have to carry those scars for all of eternity.

They can be changed from anger and frustration to bringing glory to God.

They can be changed from making your heart bitter and hard to softened and rejoicing to all that God has done.

They can be used to heal others with similar scars. For those who are bold about their own hurts can help others through their healing process. Scars can be used in many ways to reach the hearts of others and bring forth hope.

They can be used to show that although you have been imprinted, you have not been defeated.

I feel this year has been one of deep healing from the scars which ran deep within my heart.

The scars which for so long I kept from healing because I was embarrassed to bring them up before the Lord and I also didn’t know how to bring them before Him.

And so often that is what keeps us from knowing Our Father in heaven so much deeper. Fear of approaching Him with all our brokenness and scars, but He looks past them and sees our hearts. We no longer have to hide, for God calls us out of the darkness and into His light.

To walk by faith and trust in His process. One which takes time – the time we are willing to surrender for Him to heal us through.

Our healing depends upon us and whether we are willing to surrender ourselves and pride to be healed. Whether it takes a moment or years, we can be healed but we must first be willing to sit at His feet, allowing Him to search our hearts and reveal the roots which has caused these scars.

And that is beautiful. It is a beautiful place to be at the feet of Jesus. To show Him our scars and ask Him to heal us, to restore us and help us.

For He wants to remind us of His tenderness, of His healing hands and of His promises to set us free.

No longer allow the infection of the open wounds to harden your heart and build up fear.

One day, I pictured myself with a scar in my chest where my heart should be, and scars deep within the palm of my hands, kneeling before the King, sobbing that I no longer wanted this pain. I no longer wanted them to keep bleeding but to be healed as He was willing too.

I wanted to be made new, more than I was wanting to hold onto the scars.

I was willing to deal with the cost of letting them be revealed, the cost which was the pain of letting them be re-opened so that the true healer could mend back together what had been torn.

And in His tenderness and mercy, He grabbed a rag, dipping it in water and began to wash the scar in my heart. Speaking words of truth over me in my brokenness. He was willing and there was no hesitation. He was just waiting for me to come to Him, to acknowledge my scars and talk with Him about them, allowing Him into my heart, into my brokenness to strengthen me by His love, stronger than before.

For I realized that the areas I was broken and scared in, were areas which I hadn’t let Him reign over in my life. They were the pieces of my heart, I allowed the world, others and even myself break rather than surrendering them first to Him.

For some of the scars which ran the deepest and left festering for the longest are still being healed, but I have learned not to pull back when the pain of cleansing is placed on them.

For just like a physical cut, when they are first being cleaned, they sting – but the sting is what’s cleansing them from all impurities. And the sting is worth enduring, for the joy of wholeness is worth it.

It is a beautiful thing to have scars.

For the Lord can make all things pure.

He can redeem all that was lost and all that is broken.

Nothing is too great for Him to make whole and no scar is too deep that His hands cannot mend.

For as I look down at my imprinted scars, I am humbled to know that I have a God who loves me, a God who cherishes me and a God who died with my scars so I could be made new and set free.

For Jesus bore my scars on the cross, dying and rising again so that the ones I have no longer have to cling to me. For Jesus, even with scars still displayed the glory of His Father in heaven –

And that gives me hope.

Hope that even me, covered in scars and ones that I sometimes wish weren’t there, can bring glory to my Father in heaven who sees me, even with scars and chooses me.

Praise the Lord, for He looks at you the same way by the gracious love of His Son, Jesus Christ.

By His stripes, I am healed.

He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you are healed.
1 Peter 2:24



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