Another list

A list of unrelated things maybe you should remember.

-Kindness is contagious

-You are worth more than you think

-You can learn from everything that happens and those you meet

-Do something that challenges you.

-Pick your words carefully

-Things will rarely go as planned and that’s the fun part of life.

-When you are with people, be all there and actually listen to them, laugh with them and cry with them.

-God looks at the heart of man not his outward appearance

-Some people come into your life for a moment, a season or a life time

-There is always a time to dress up.

-Don’t leave things unsaid

-That being said, have conversations that matter.

-Don’t let the past hold you back, for even if you’ve been through hell and high waters, it has brought you to this point. You can either learn from it all and move forward, allowing it to shape you into a better person or holding onto it and letting it break you down. You are able to work through all that you have been through and come out victorious rather than defeated. I believe in you.

-Love your neighbor as yourself

-There are people who love you unconditionally

-To have friends, you gotta be one

-Always be willing to learn from others, it helps us not to get set in our ways

-Don’t live seeking mans approval, you’ll always fall short. Live with Jesus and He will show you that His grace is enough and you are always enough to Him regardless of what you do or don’t do.

-You reap what you sow, whether good or bad

-What my mom told me “You always have three choices; you can either leave, you can keep living that way or you can change (change your perspective, your attitude and the way that you live)”

-Mistakes should be like bruises not tattoos

-You are able to love yourself, every part of you – for you are lovable and beautiful.

-You aren’t going to like everyone but you should love and accept them.

-Pick flowers for someone

-For you women, everything you may see as flaws, someone will love them (Don’t change for someone who doesn’t see them as beautiful)

-For you men, your worth is not in the work you do or money you earn. It is not in how strong you are or the car you drive – it is in your integrity and character.

-Money isn’t the be all and end all, it’s just temporal.

-Coffee is always a good idea.

-Remember everyone thinks and acts differently, not everyone is going to be like you, nor should they – love them for who they are

-Happiness shouldn’t be a pursuit; I believe we find true joy when we are content with what we have and who we are, right where we are. It’s not something that can be attained but rather a state we come to within ourselves.

-What you watch, listen too, and who you hang around with is what you’ll mirror

-Children look up to you, whether you see it or not – set an example

-Make a good breakfast for friends

-Take a day a week to do nothing and learn the beauty of rest

-Don’t busy yourself

-Dance more often, it’s good for you

-You are more than just a body and what makes you stand apart is your heart

-Life is truly beautiful, squeeze the most out of it

-Learn the value of true riches, the things that can’t be attained through money.

-Never miss an opportunity to impact someone’s life

-Some days, you just have to be silly and laugh it out.

-Give to others

-Your character is more important than who you think you should be to please those around you.

-Your decisions do effect your future, make wise ones

-Your smile can change someone’s day

– You can be healed and walls can be broken down

-Take care of your mind, body and spirit

-Education is such a gift, keep learning.

-You know that thing that you are pretty good at? You should start using your talents rather than burying them.

-The people who love us in our lives are a gift and should not be taken for granted.

-You are never above anyone else.

-You are unique and that is wonderful.

-Laugh often

-Don’t be anxious, don’t worry over the things that are yet to come- learn to trust in the process and that God is in control and His ways are far above our own.

-Coming to realize that we cannot do life on our own, we were created to be with others and to need each other.

-Surround yourself with those who believe in the beauty of your dreams

-It’s good to be alone once in a while

-Sleep more.

-To love someone means to look past the love that movies show and realize that you love them for who they are, good and bad and even when it’s hard. To love means you love regardless and choose to continue to do so. Love is never lost in a relationship, it’s just usually forgotten about. Always choose to love.

-There is more to life than what Hollywood displays, live your own life – not trying to fit into this worlds mould, but set apart from it.

-A relationship shouldn’t define you; you are who you are and we don’t need another person to find value or worth in.

-“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” Try to see people for their hearts not just what they portray on the outside. We all have a story and we aren’t perfect, but we all need love and acceptance, just as we are.

-Always admit when you are wrong and learn to apologize as well as forgive. We all make mistakes and fall short.

-Coming to see that we cannot do everything and we will make mistakes, acknowledging our pride will help us to walk humbly with the Lord

-Use what you have, where you are, enjoying it with those around you

-The less you have, the happier you will be.

-Life will be hard and there will be struggles, but keep looking ahead, it will pass and you can make it through.

-You should figure out the love languages of who close to you.

-Never eat a ladle full of cinnamon

-Family is important and should never be compromised

-Pull out of the gold in people, not showing them their dirt

-There is joy in the simple things.

-Never be afraid to ask for help, there are people who will care and be there for you.

-Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.

-Remind people of how awesome they are, especially if they seem to have forgotten

-Don’t hold onto grudges, anger or bitterness; it won’t do you any good.

-You are never too old, wisdom comes with age but you don’t have to lose life while you are at it.

-Watch the stars, have a bonfire and have s’mores

-Don’t let fears or insecurities hold you back from being a better you

-The sun always rises, you should watch it one morning.

-You were created for a purpose, and whether you have found it or not- your purpose is in your everyday life.

-If anything remember, You are loved by a God who has created you in His image, you have immense value and worth.






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