Faith in Humanity


At some point growing up, I stopped seeing the world as good and began to see it as bad. I would watch on the news terrible and horrific things happening and fear that would happen to me. I began to wonder how we could have faith in humanity. The world seemed to get darker and gloomier. The smiles on peoples face as I walked by began to fade. The things I would hear people say to one another, the way they treated the cashier in the store or ignore an elderly person who could use a hand. How could people do such things to another? How could people be acting in such horrible ways? Why is this world so evil?

Then one day (after I recieved Jesus as my Savior) I felt a gentle tug on my heart when watching the news. Words begun to flow into my heart as I listened, “The world is good. People are good. For I love all. People are lost, just like you once were. They need to be brought back to who they were created to be. For I can see all that is happening and my heart breaks as yours does. However I see the potential each person holds. I can see past what they are disguising themselves with and trying to cover up-I see them for their hearts and each one, although broken and seeking-are capable of doing good and being someone of deep love.

Although we live in a world that may be imperfect, there is that who is perfect and through Him we can bring find the gold even in the midst of dirt. For this world is good, and people are good- Jesus is that who can bring forth light into darkness. No matter what you may be going through, be reminded that YOU were created in the image of love and can be brought back into His likeness-for although those around us may not be who we expect them to be, may we be who God created us to be and Jesus died for us to become. For God loves all, and for them so see His love and see that their is a life better than that which they are living, they need to see Jesus. How else can they see Jesus but through those who love Him?

I believe that their is faith in humanity, I believe that good can come from evil and I believe that in the midst of any darkness, His light is always brighter and with Him, anything can be overcome. I acknowledge that terrible things happen but am not allowing those things to blind me from seeing His glorious hope of better things to come. For even in the midst of troubles and chaos, His Kingdom can come through a simple smile, through a kind word spoken and through His love being released through those who follow Him.

You are the faith restore in humanity through Him who lives in you. Keep living and being someone who encourages others to do the same.

“So that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.”
Philippians 2:15


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