Another one down.


Another year down, another one to go.

And I’m not saying that dreadfully but rather, with excitement!

For each year brings forth so much.

It brings a new challenge to learn and grow from.

It brings new people, new smiles and new joy.

It may bring new love.

It is a chance to make better choices.

It is a time to change something that you’ve been wanting too.

It is a whole season to realize how our life passes us by and it’s up to us to seize the moment.

It is 365 days to bring heaven to earth, may Our Lord show you His goodness this year in the land of the living. May He take you deeper into His heart and bring you a deep revelation of who He is and who you are through Him. I pray that this year will not be one wasted but rather one invested, one lived and one that you look back on and love.

I wish that every year was a year that we looked back on and even through the trials and hardships, we were able to find something beautiful in it.

Celebrate life. Enjoy the simple things and simplify the hard and stressful things. Smile more and rejoice even through pain, always finding something to be thankful for!

Choose to love people even when it’s hard.

Choose to see the best in others and most of all, yourself.

Choose to persevere and go after your dreams.

Choose to love your life everyday and tell yourself that.

Choose to not romanticise the year and life but rather live it for what it is and what its worth.

Choose to no longer be intimated by others and what they think, but rather do what you know in your heart is right.

Choose to be you; in all your beauty, uniqueness and character.

Take time to decide to change and live a life worth remembering, not just by you but by those whom you will meet, those who you already know and those you may only pass by at the grocery store.

May you be a person of character and integrity, someone who others can count on, trust and look too.

All these things will not happen if you just write them down, if you merely just set them as your new years resolution without making them happen. Everything we desire to change takes heart and soul, it takes saying yes even when we want to say no. It takes waking up and deciding that no matter what you feel, you are going to remain faithful to what you have promised, committed and agreed too. It will take you to push aside laziness and tiredness, no longer procrastinating but deciding that you are going to go after your hearts desires and live a life that will leave a trail of love and people who have been loved.

The greatest thing to look back on, is not just a year wasted or a year to check off-rather it is to acknowledge that a year passed that changed everything-that brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, that lives were touched and changed in, where love was felt amongst the least of thee, the poor was feed and clothed and the sick was healed and those who were lost have come to know the joy of salvation.

It is another one down, written in the book of life in which all of heaven rejoices over. What will this year hold? In the hands of God, great and beautiful things. For a whole year surrendered to the Lord, a little life laid down for Him to use…vessels poured out and ready to be filled-nothing is impossible for God when we stand before Him ready to join in with what He is doing, rather than ourselves.

Dream big, dream God-sized dreams!

Be bold, be brave and do what has never been done before.

We all have something within us, a desire, a passion, in which only us by God’s grace can accomplish.

New years resolutions don’t always last because we feel if we make them, they will fix themselves. Everyday you must choose to continue towards that goal and to change daily. Don’t let laziness and procrastination, stop you from being the best you.

You are wonderful and this year will be what you make of it.

What you make of the hardships, the heartbreak and the challenges that come.

What you choose to do in the midst of  them, and if you will let bitterness or thankfulness overturn your heart.

2013 for me was a year of love. I learned the cost of loving and the heart that comes with it, but most of all I learned the beauty of loving others, loving myself and learning to love the Lord with all that I have. I am able to see what needs to change in my heart and what already has. It was a year of meeting new people, coming into a job that I’ve dreamed of my whole life and most of all, spending everyday with God and learning a part of who He is for myself.

I see 2013 as; challenging, growth, deepening, exciting, perseverance and joyful.

Be so blessed and may 2014 be a year which changes the course of your life in great and beautiful ways.

Life is how you choose to see it and the perspective you look at it from.

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!”
Psalm 27:13



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