The life of your dreams


As I stand on the top of a hill, I overlook the city beneath me.

Cars travelling, people moving and lights flickering.

I wonder if people are where they have always dreamed of.

I wonder if people are doing what they were made to do.

For we all have a passion within us. We all have something that brings us alive. Something which, when we are in the midst of doing it, our hearts speed up, our eyes widen and our smiles overtakes our face.

What is it that brings you to life? What is the very thing that you shine through?

For I believe that the Lord has placed desires within us. A desire that when we lay down at His feet and choose to honor Him through it, not for our glory but all for His. That is when we will be living the life of our dreams.

Don’t push your dream aside because of fear, insecurities or inhibitions.

Don’t bury the talents entrusted to you-use them, invest them and gain more.

Not gaining in the mindset of gathering but rather using your talents to gain more ground for the Kingdom of God here on earth.

I think something we need to realize is,

Our dreams will not be handed to us.

They will only come to pass when we work towards them, when we count the costs and pursue it whole heartily.

Not just financial costs but the cost of what we must give up in order to run after it.

The cost of pushing past the troubles, hardships and failures that we will come face to face with.

The Lord has instilled in us a heart to persevere.

Be bold, be brave and go after your dream.

Honor the Lord and may He be glorified through it.

And realize, whatever may come to pass, His ways are always greater.

Even if you fall, know that His hand will rest upon you and maybe through the hard times, He is protecting you from losing sight of Himself.

For nothing is worse than going after what we want, while losing sight of Him.

For He is our hope, He is our joy and our salvation.

Anything we gain here, is merely for the moment-He is for eternity.

The talents He has given us, are not to replace Him but to exemplify Him through our lives.

Going after our dreams isn’t always towards fame or success, sometimes its as simple as raising a family who loves the Lord or working at a simple job so that you are able to travel more and meet new people.

The life you have dreamed of is your own, no one else can tell you what you should be doing or what you need to do.

However with that being said, I am not diminishing the importance in seeking wise council and the advice of those whom you trust while making a decision about what you dream of doing. For sometimes what we think we are dreaming of doing, may not always be what is pure, honorable and right. There are times when we have to test our hearts and check to see that they are first above all else centered around the Lord and not our own selfish ambitions.

For when the Lord is your delight and your heart is in His, I believe He will give you the desires of your heart.

He is a Father who loves, who has entrusted us beautiful talents for His Kingdom.

I believe in the beauty of your dreams, whatever it or they may be.

You were made for great things, whatever great means to you.

For the Lord can and will use us, in the little, everyday things for His greatness, not our own.

Great in the Kingdom of God is not the great we use to measure things here on earth.

Great in the eyes of God are those who serve even the least of thee.

Go after the Lord with all of your heart and through loving Him first, serve Him through your dreams.

For His desire is for all to know Him and come into His Kingdom,

Whatever you do, may it be for that-His Will to come to earth.

Be so blessed,

May you live the life of your dreams.

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4



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