Going down the narrow path.

Sometimes, in the midst of the endless noise, the stressful and ongoing life we live, we hear Him.

He calls our names as we are heading down the road and gently points towards another way. The one less traveled on. The one that will bring you to stand alone when others tell you different.

There’s that road He points us to take, where others may question, where others may not understand, but somewhere deep in your heart, you know. You know because He has called you.

We then have two options.

We can say yes, we can choose to go where He is asking  us to walk by faith and not by sight. Although there may be doubts, fears and questions, through those things we still say yes.

Then there are moments when we walk away. We choose no. We choose to remain where we are, because we talk ourselves out of it.Our fearfulness backs us away, and we slowly start hesitating. “Is this really God?” “I can’t just drop everything to follow Him.” “He wouldn’t ask me to let go of this..would He?”

Those are only a few questions, even I have come to before and where I have walked away. Where I choose to remain in the safe zone rather than stepping out in faith. When people questioned, then I did too. I had nothing to stand on and my faith shrunk back.

However, I have come to see the beauty of standing in faith.

I have come to acknowledge that God will call me to do things that He won’t tell others about.

Although I am fearful. Although I question. Although I do not always understand, He has brought me to think of Noah, Abraham and Paul, (to name a few), of men who said yes to the outrageous things God asked of them.

However, He did not tell anyone else, but showed them the way. It was up to them to say yes, to follow Him on the path not yet marked.

It was up to them to look foolish to the world, to be questioned, to be beaten, for what they felt the Lord was asking of them. Yet they walked by faith. They listened to His call and walked forth into the unknown.

And He is calling us to do the same.

It was up to them to stand in faith, although probably shaking in fear to say, “God, I don’t know what will happen, but yes…I will as you have called.”

There are sometimes moments when God’s voice is clear to us. When we hear Him so firm and absolute, like Moses as the bush. But then there are moments when it is more subtle. When He does not speak through the thunder or wind or voices of others, but through the still small voice within our hearts.

Just like with Elijah, He spoke through the still small voice. He was not in the loud and obvious signs, but spoke to His servant who was in a place of surrender of listening that He could hear Him.

The Lord will sometimes call you to do something in which others may not understand. However always be discerning. Bring it back to scripture, is this something that is of the nature of God? Is this something that is spoke of in the Word of God? It is important to always bring it back to scripture, align it to the Word of God and be discerning in what you are hearing or thinking you are being called to do. It is important to pray about it and seek wise council of your pastor, mentor or body of believers. aefc5c4de66f3575fce0d81b404a4d83

Our God is good, and He looks for those who will stand with Him and align themselves to what He has asked. That although we come broken, fearful and doubtful, we then find our strength in Him. For when He calls us, He calls us as we are; broken and fragile. He calls us when we are nothing great, nothing more than those who tend sheep, because it is in those places where we ourselves have nothing, that we will humbly follow Him. For He will prepare you to do as He calls, not out of our own strength but to rely on His.

For Moses could not part the Red Sea, Peter could not speak with such authority as he did on the day of Pentecost and the walls couldn’t have fallen by Nehemiah’s strength. They just listened to what God had called them too and let Him do the rest.

For the Lord will ask us to step out in faith, bringing us to a place where we put the fear of man behind us and seek to please Him through it. For He will ask us to do things in which we are to submit our flesh and walk in the Spirit. It may not always make sense to us, but that is the joy of learning to walk by faith and trusting that His ways are greater than ours.

For He will call us, in the midst of our busy lives, and seek us to lay them down to follow Him down the narrow path.

He is there, calling us to do what may seem outright crazy in our day of age but to trust in Him through it. For what He may call you to do, will not look normal to those around you but the more that you say yes and you acknowledge with confidence the call He has placed on your life, the more assure of it, you will be.

Don’t be so quick to shut the door the Lord is asking you to walk through, sit on it, pray about it and read His Word.

Let Him be the rock you are grounded in. Let Him be that who you look to please.

He is worthy of it all. He is worthy to submit all of our own plans, all of our possessions, all of our time, when He calls.

There is no greater joy than to serve the Living God.

Although it may be hard, and the devil will always try to discourage us from abiding in the Lord. Say yes. Stand in faith, strengthen your weak knees and feable feet and run the path marked out for you.

Remember all those who have gone before you. Who did the very thing that made them stand in faith, to be looked down upon by others, but yet ran towards the Lord and obeyed despite all things that surrounded them.

Read Hebrews 11 and be encouraged that it is worth it.

“But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed. But of those who have faith and are saved.” Hebrews 10:39


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