Into the Forest.


Today while trotting my mare through an open field, I asked her to canter, and as I ask her, she again tries to go running into the bush-even at a lope, she tries to run straight into the bush.

While thinking about it (as this isn’t the first time that it happens, infact, everytime I ask her to lope outside she runs for the bush) and I mean straight into the bush, no matter how far we are from it, she’ll try to get there.

I’ve heard that when threatened or afraid, wild horses run into bush as a source of protection. I feel that by her wanting to run back into the bush is instricts, it’s the very thing that she has learned may save her and so she runs back to that. She is still letting her old mindset hinder her from forming a new one. For she is now taken care of, loved and protected. Yet she allows old habits and mindsets to keep her feeling as though she needs to run and turn back to the very thing that she once found refugee in, rather than that which I am trying to guide her too.

Just like us, we have been saved by the grace of God. He has redeemed us and set us free from being bound to our flesh and enabled us to walk in the Spirit.

“So, I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16

He has saved us from sin, saved us from seeking that which is not of Him and has opened the door for us to abide in Him. He has shown us that we can trust in Him and look to Him, yet how many of us keep runing back to our old mindsets, old habits and old way of living? When we are brought back to similar circumstaces, rather than finding refugee in God, we run back to protect our own selves with the very things that bring us further away from Him. Rather than being free, we are letting ourselves remain slaves to our old selves (Romans 8).

The beauty of accepting Jesus into our hearts and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us, is now we are empowered to have our minds renewed but first we must choose to willingly trust in the Lord, to acknoweldge that His ways are greater than ours and to submit to Him.

For I pray over Agape and her mind, that the Lord would renew it, that He would use all of her, for His glory. And I trust that as Him and I work with her, despite how she may try to find refugee in her old ways, that her mind will slowly be renewed. That she will no longer seek to run back to her old self but let that which is being taught to her, be the foundation that she grows from. But it takes practice, takes contstant discipline and patience to remind her the new way, every time she tries to go back to her old self.

For we are just like her-we are just like Agape. She was once somewhat wild and without direction. She lived according to what she new was best and did what she insticted was right. However, now she is learning to work with me. To not be afraid of plastic bags or scary horse eating logs (horse people will get that one), it’s the process of renewing her mind. She is learning to trust in me rather than herself. She is learning that my way is far greater than her own. But it takes time, it takes love and it takes a relationship to be built, in order for her to look to me for the next step, rather than running back to what she thinks will save her.

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

The process of dying to our flesh and choosing Jesus is a moment by moment choice. For it is through repetion and disciplining that the Lord is able to teach us to abide in Him rather than our flesh. He will bring us through similar challenges so that we may learn His way rather than continuing to go back to our own.

Praise the Lord that He is patient, that He is merciful and that He is Our Abba Father. For no matter how many times, I keep running back to that bush, He is faithful to coax me out of it and show me what I should have done instead, and although I may not get it right away, He will continue to yeild me back to His way rather than my own.

For no matter what you think may be better, or that how you used to deal with things will still help-Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and besides Him, there is no good thing.

For if I let Agape continue to run into the bush, rather than teaching her to stay on the path or to listen to me – her mind would not be, being renewed. She would be stuck in the same vicious cycle that she once was in-finding refugee in false security. For in the forest is nothing that will truly save it, it is trees, bushes, dirt and darkness. Showing her that my way is greater, will take time to teach her that her way is not. However, at the moment, it may not seem pleasant for her, as she is  being reubked for trying to run back to her old hiding place. But in doing so, she will learn that abiding with me and yeilding to me (submitting her own will) is far better. For through this she will hopefully learn that all I want for her is the best and sometimes that means not letting her do what she once did, because it is not the best for her.For the renewing of her mind is going against all that she once did to survive, in order to teach her the best way she will survive-with me. For our mind is what tells us to do when we may not always know, and for her running to the bush is what her mind tells her now, but soon it will tell her to listen to me instead. For she is learning to trust in me rather than herself and through trusting in me, she will learn that my ways are good and my love for her is pure. To show her that she is no longer fending for herself but I care for her and  will do what I can to keep her safe. But she must learn to continue to yeild to me and my guidance through the renewing of her mind.


I pray that you find refugee in the Lord and allow Him to renew your mind and bring you closer to Him. May He bring you a revelation of the freedom you have to walk in the Spirit and no longer gratify the desires of your flesh! I also pray that the Lord humbly reminds you to not run into the forest but rather into His arms which are full of grace, love and mercy, in Jesus name.

“For I hold you by your right hand–I, the LORD your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” Isaiah 41:13


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