I believe.

I believe in you.

I believe in every dream that you have.

I believe in the beauty within your heart, even if you don’t believe it.

I believe that despite what others have said about you, that there is something beautiful about you.

I believe that whatever others have spoken over you and have brought you down, wrecked your selfesteem or broken your heart-is not true.

Rather I believe that you are loved, that you are valued, that you are accepted just as you are and no matter where you are, or where you have come from-you can be something wonderful.

For you are not the labels others have placed on you.

You are not your past.

You are not a mistakes.

You are not unforgivable.

You are no longer lost,

You are no longer an outcast,

You are no longer unlovabl,

for Jesus Christ has come for you.

He has come for the broken,

He has come for those who think they are forsaken,

He has come for those who are dying,

For He has coming bringing life to those who are sick,

He has come with freedom to those who are held prisoners to darkness,

and He has brought victory to the captives.

He is the Lord of Lords,

He is the King of Kings.

He is mighty, He is just, He is merciful and He is love.

His light shines in the darkest areas of our hearts,

His love reaches the depths of our brokeness and brings forth healing,

His hand is able to carry us when we cannot walk,

His words are able to speak truth when we feel the weight of lies.

He has come for you, in gentleness and meekness.

He has not come to hold you to rules and laws,

rather He has come bearing the gift of His life so that you may live under His grace and able to love Him for who He is-Our Savior.

He is the one whom the religious ones shunned and killed,

He is the one who went to the least of these, to show them that they matter, that they are not forgotten and that they have the gift of something far better to recieve,

A life that no riches here on earth can offer, a life that noone here on earth can guarrantee you-a life that will redeem you for much greater and a life that will restore your identity, no longer as a lost orphan but a loved child of God.

He is the one who went to the lost and broken, to the sick and poor-bringing forth healing and life through the touch of His hand.

And He is reaching that same hand out to you-for in His eyes, you are worthy of a life far greater than the one you are living.

Why do I believe this? Why do I believe in you?

Although I may not know you,

I have come to know how tough life is apart from that whom created me.

I have experienced the  world apart from His love and the brokeness that comes from a life not knowing who Jesus is.

I have been lost, broken and tired but now I have been found.

I once was blinded from His love but now I see.

And I believe this because when I felt unlovable, unforgivable and unable to see the good within my own heart and life, I felt His hand upon me and now looking back, I realized although I could not see, He could. And He believes in me because His love is not shallow likes ours. His love is not determined by what we do or who we are, His love is determined on who He is, and He is love, He is forgiving and He is merciful.

For although I did not see hope,

although I did not see the way,

He created one but shedding His own blood so I would no longer have to be a person without knowing Him who loves me and cares for me.

He who redeems me from the pit,

and He who shines the light when I am in the midst of darkness.

And without Him, I would still be the same person as I was-unlovable, narcassistc and utterly broken.

I believe in you because if He can love me, His love must be true. For I know me and there is noting to love apart from who I am through Jesus. For I know that I have done nothing worthy of His love, grace and forgivness. For I know that I would be a lost and broken girl if He hadn’t rescued me by dying for my sins so that I could be redeemed and wiped clean. I believe in you because I believe if He can save me and forgive me for all that I have done, for all my filthiness and dirt, for all my baggage and hurts-then He can save you and cleanse you. 5488830766647117_BmZXiMSV_c

I can believe in you, because I once did not believe in myself, I did not believe in something greater in life but then I met Him who believes in me, even if noone else does. And He proved that He was and is enough.

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
John 14:6


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