Choosing His love First.

I am humbled to realize that I need Him more and more everyday.

Without the Lord, I would be caught up in wanting more-

wanting to look better, wanting to have more money, wanting newer and better things…I would want to be richer, but in all the wrong ways.

Over the past couple days I have learned another humbling lesson through my mare, Agape.

It’s easy once you have something you have dreamed of having, to jump onto the next thing. I dreamed of having my first horse and now I have her and couldn’t be more than happier with her. She is beautiful and she teaches me patience, love and the fruit of a relationship. Although I can take no credit for her or how well she has come along, I can marvel at the hand of God upon this little mare. I pray that she would be used for God’s glory and I trust that she is, even though it may only be through my life. 198721402278141577_nN1fKvm7_f

I have always dreamed of having a paint gelding. And as I’ve been looking at getting one and almost buying another horse-the Lord gently spoke to my heart and reminded me to not forsake my first love. I’ve paused and realize what He was referring too.

For Agape in greek is the greatest form of God’s love, selfless, sacrifical love. And if I were to get another horse at this point in time, I would have to split my love and affection between Agape and the new horse, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it would hinder Agape. How so?

She’s still learning and being trained. It would be different if she was already a well broke horse in whom didn’t need so much time and energy, but I still desire a strong relationship with her. I desire her to know me, to come to me when I go out in the field and for her to not just work for me but with me. I want her to love me like I love her, to trust me and to take care of me when I’m on her. If I were to get another horse at this point in time, that could wreck that bond from forming.

So how does this relate to life?

So often we want someone in our lives. We want someone to care for us, to be with us and especially as woman we long for someone to protect us. But what if our relationship with the Lord wasn’t yet formed, strengthened and our foundation and we allowed someone else to come into our lives, taking our time, energy and heart rather than surrending it all to the Lord?

I believe there is a time for everything. And maybe this is my time to be grounded in the Lord. To have that relationship I long for with Agape, to have the same with Him. It is easy to want the next best thing, rather than securing and fortifying the one thing we already have, Christ’s love.

I am thankful that I have those in my life to remind me of who I already have and what I can secure with Him. One of my friends talked to me about relationships the other day and told me to not be so quick to give up what I have with the Lord, to not let go of His hand. Don’t be so quick to move onto someone or something rather than letting Him be your all and all, your everything. For that is where the foundation of our lives will be built if we give our time, efforts and most importantly our hearts to the Lord Jesus. For from a life grounded in Him and hearts secure in His, can our lives be fruitful for His Kingdom. Once we surrender all to Him and trust Him with our hearts, only then can He begin to reveal the depths of His heart to us. For there is a time of intimacy with the Lord that we may only get when we are alone and only have Him to depend and look too.

I pray that you are encouraged that the love of Jesus is greater than anything here on earth we could attain. For when we turn to Him, He will secure our ways and steps. When we fix our eyes on Jesus and align our will to the Fathers, surrendering all our hopes and dreams unto Him, only then can He strengthen and raise them up greater!

Just like with Agape, I have realized how much I love her. And although another horse wouldn’t have been a bad decision, it could have wrecked the beauty I could have with just one for the time being. May the Lord bring light on the beauty of walking closley with Him and may you grab ahold of His hand. May you choose His love first and let yourself be grounded and rooted in Him, placing your hope in Him who will never leave or forsake you-placing your love in Him who will always, and forever love you back.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13


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