The Harvest

As the sun begun to rose, a farmer and her three children headed out, down the long dirt road to their field. They laboured hard, long days that started early in the morning to late after the sun has gone down. Her neighbours begun to walk by and laugh as they saw a wife working her husbands field. However day after day, she did not say a word; she continuined with her little children to work their field and prepare for harvest.


When the time came for harvest, the old farmers came to look upon the field of the wife. They stood shocked as she had reaped one of the greatest harvests they have yet to see. Turning to look at their own crops, they saw the little growth that had come. As they walked towards her field, the little woman appeared carrying bushels of her crops as she handed each man a share.

She smiled as she turned around and begun to cut down another row of grain. “Ma’am, what did you do that grew such a harvest? Please tell us why your field is like this? It must be the soil, it must have been the more sunlight yours recieved than ours..”

She turned around and qentley spoke, “For whatever you sow is what you reap.”

The men stood confused as they begun to laugh at this little woman with her children. “Where is your husband? Why has he left you to do all the work?”

She humbly walked upto them, “My husband is a good man, who has travelled to prepare a home for us. As we were poor, I have worked here for him, as he worked there for us. We are awaiting him to come back to bring us to our new home, and with that, we continue to labor and prepare for the harvest becasue that is the joy of waiting, is continuing the work, he first set out to do and left for us to complete and even harvest more than before!!”

The men stood, looking down at their feet as their hard hearts begun to soften. Feeling ashamed at what they had spoken to this woman, then went to hand back the crops she had given them. However, she motioned for them to stop and gathered a few more bushels to give to them instead.

“For I have been given much, I freely give to you.” She smiled as she continuned. “For you ask about the harvest I have reaped, you too could have been apart of this harvest, for it is not about the amount of hours you spend in the field, but the amount of time and energy you put into the land that has been given to you, to reap a harvest. Come and help me with the harvest that has been reaped!!”

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” Matthew 9:27


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