What is Your “Cup”?


I have come to a deep realization that if we do not know God, it may be because we are not seeking to know Him. For He has already shown us His greatest love for us, He has already made His name known and His life available. It is up to us to recieve it and draw near to Him. How beautiful is that? That Our God loves us and longs to live with us, but waits so patiently for us to choose Him?

Whether you know God or not, know that He loves you and has already pursued you and is waiting for you to choose Him. May you see that Jesus loves you and has died to give you life abundatly and fully.

Maybe you are seeking to know God deeper and understand what living a life after His own heart looks like? And I want you to know that it is possible, may you begin to seek, reading His Word, praying and talking with Him and above all else, praying that you would love Him more than ever before, that you would llive to love Him. For a life of obedience and fullness of God’s presence comes from a life of love, a life relentlessly pursuing to love Him and be loved by Him.

Today I am going to share what I feel maybe you need to hear, maybe what I needed to read. I am reading this book “The good and beautiful God by James Bryan Smith” and as I read this today, it goes along with a blog I wrote a couple days ago about the wants of our hearts.

I pray as you read this that your heart finds peace and that the Holy Spirit begins to brooden over your hearts to bring forth clarity upon what you may be questioning, doubting and seeking. For Our God is good, Our God is amazing and as you seek Him, believe me, you will find Him.

What is your cup? (page 64-65)

Earlier in this chapter, I mentioned how Jesus faced difficult situation in the garden of GGethsemane. He asked His Abba to remove His “cup’ from Him. The cup represents the things that are forced on us in life. We all must ask, What is my “cup”? What aspect of your life makes it difficult for you to trust God? Wer e you hurt by divorce? Have you suffered loss? Are you unable to find a life partner and struggling with the prospect of lifelong singleness? Have you experienced the death of a loved one? The death of a dream? The loss of a business? The loss of some physical capacity?

A “cup” is anything that we struggle with accepting as our lot in life. And our cup is usually the thing that makes it difficult to believe God is good. Being told by our doctoers that our daughter would be born with a terminal birth defect was the first of many cups for me. Like Jesus, I facced something that conflicted with own desires. I wanted  a healthy daughter. Would I be able to say, “Abba, Father” when I prayed?

Some years later, I read Thomas Smail’s interpretation of what Jesus was going through in the garden of Gethsemane, and how He was able to trust God in the midst of His pain. It helped me understand something important about trusting God and it answered a question people asked of me, “Jim, how can you still trust God after what you went through?” For years I did not know how to answer this question, but now I do. Smail explains:

The Father tha Jesus addresses in the garden is the one that He has known all His life and found to be bountiful in His provision, reliable in His promises and utterly faithful in His love. He can obey the will that sends Him to the cross, with hope and expectation because it is the will of Abba whose love has been so proved that it can now be trusted so fully be being obeyed so completely. This is not legal obedience driven by commandment, but trusting response to known love.

He states it well: Our relationship to the Father is a “trusting response to known love.” Jesus knew He was loved by His Father and was therefore able to trust Him through the pain. The reason Jesus could trust God in His darkest hour is because He had lived closely with Hi good and beautiful Father for all eternity. I know see how love that has been proved can be trusted even when things don’t make sense. So when I encounter a world full of Tsunamis and child moltestrs, airplane crahses and methadone-addicted moms, I don’t try to force myself to say all is well. Rather, I say, “Jesus, trusted His Abba, and I will also trust in the God I know to be good.”

All of us face pain and difficulty in our lives. We all come to a place that is hard to trust God. That is hard to believe that we will end up with the best if we trust in Him. It is a lot easier to believe in our own ability to control our lives rather than giving the reins over to God, who could do..well who knows what with our little lives. But that is exactly it…our lives are so little, our lives are but dust that God, Himself has breathed life into. We would not be alive if it were not for Him and His goodness. We would not have the beautiful gift of salvation and love if it were not for His Faithfulness and Salvation. If Jesus did not show us the purest form of trust and love for Abba, then we could not know the beauty of the fullness of life through His death. Since Jesus has prepared and shown the way for us to follow, we too can partake in this beautiful pursuit of trusting in an unseen God and walking by faith not by sight. For Jesus has shown us the beautiful relationship we too can have with Our Father, He has shown us Fatherhood and the true relationship between God and His beloved children. You are a child of God is you believe in Jesus Christ. How beautiful is that?

So I pray that whatever your “cup” is that you are dealing with, whatever your dream that you feel you cannot lay down, or health issue that you are allowing to steal joy and life from you, I pray that whatever your “cup” is you have the power through the Holy Spirit and courage to say, “…not my will but yours be done.”(Luke 22:42) I pray that you are able to see the life that Jesus died for you to have, He did not come to steal your life but to give you true life. Whatever you may be feeling, may your mind be renewed and the truth of His Word be restored within you, that you do not live by what you have been moulded to believe but what Jesus died for you to recieve and live through. May you break the mould you have been placed in and seek the Lord to renew your mind and pray to recieve the mind of Christ. Allow yourself to live through faith and love for Christ Jesus, and as He did, live wholly for Abba Father. God is for you, He calls you and will equip you as you allow Him to do so.

I am on this journey continually, of dying to myself, seeking to drink the cup He has given me and not allowing myself to be trapped in a mould of this world but seeking Him who died to set me free, to free me to be set apart and sanctified as a daughter of God and to live for Him, although I stand in this world, standing here while seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. May you too allow Him to take a hold of your life as you lay it down to Him. For He is worthy and He is gentle and longs to give you something worth more than what you would be laying down.

So as my heart is overflowing with thankfulness for this truth that I am able to rest in, knowing that I do not know everything, actually I know very little other than Jesus Christ. I know nothing compared to what My Father knows and I choose to trust in Him and His ways which are higher than my own. I choose to believe that He is good and He is love and therefore He loves me more than I love myself, and His plans for me are good because He loves me and knows exactly what I need.

If we do not know God as our Abba Father, then we will never have the courage to face our problems, but as we come to know the good and beautiful God that Jesus knows, our struggles take on a whole new meaning. Because now we can come to God honestly and lay them down, trusting that He will pick us up and walk with us through them as we draw near to Him to do so. (James Smith)

It takes a choice day by day to lay down you life for the King. It takes dying to your flesh and it’s desires and praying to walk and live in the Spirit. May you see the beauty that our Father is offering you. May you take His outstrecthed hand and walk with Him, being able to trust in Him for He cares for you.

I pray that you will come to know God as your Abba Father, I pray that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes as you read the Bible and bring forth a deeper revelation and understanding of who God is and who you are as a child of Him. I pray that as you seek God and His fullness that you will find Him and in His presence all fear and doubts will leave, and His love and light will overflow within you. May Jesus be the one whom you follow and the life that you pray to live, in His beautiful name, amen.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

Psalm 51:10-12


One thought on “What is Your “Cup”?

  1. Love this post. Not only is it full of truth and wisdom, but it’s evident the words are alive. “He did not come to steal your life but to give you true life”. Wow. Seriously, wow. God’s discipline is good and is not to shame us…. I have an extremely hard time believing that at the moment. I’m also forced to wrestle with the ideals presented here, not because they are untrue but rather because when taken seriously they are polarizing. It takes guts to trust like this, daily drinking from the cup He has given. But He is good and His yoke is light. Thanks for this, I’ll definitely be re-reading in the future.

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