A Wild Passion

As I stood looking at this black filly, I stood in awe. For I was able to see what a wild horse looked like, in all her beauty and power, she was radiant. Although she was wild and had no desire to be tamed, she had a gentleness about her.

There are many of us who have a wild heart, a passionate being who desires to not be tamed by man. Yet many try to contain that passionate soul, they try to place them into a mould and steal away their freedom. Instead of simply agreeing to that command, many rebel and act out, not desiring to be like another but desperatly wanting to be who they were created to be.

This is something I was told when looking at this wild mare,

“My daughter had a wild heart, she longed to be free and go wherever the wind took her. Just like this mare, she was beautiful in her freedom and yet the last thing I wanted to do was to steal that passion and freedom from her. Although she was hard to handel, I did not want to break her down, I wanted to show her the beauty of obedience and the beauty of submission-not to me but to God. I wanted to help her use that wild heart for something beautiful. There was no way I was going to steal her beauty and try to put her in a box. But I knew trying to break her down, would break our relationship and only make her rebel. Just as this wild horse, if we try to hard to make her come to us on our terms, she will rebel, she will come against us rather than joining up with us. For a wild horse does not think the same as another horse, we are to woe them, we are to show them that they can trust us and as they decide to join up with us, we are to run with them or let them run by themselves. Not trying to make them into what we want, but allowing them to be who they are and helping them use that passion to take them to great places to do great things.”

In a sense I could relate to that story. And I believe a lot of you may be able to relate to that too. Too often we try to handel and deal with people as though they need to be tamed and taken undercontrol. Instead of loving them, we try to break them down, holding them to rules and laws, which they only run from. Instead of seeking to join up with them, we try to make them come to us on our terms-giving them little but expecting everything from them. Rather than seeking to know them and their hearts, we want them to be who we think they should be.

However that never ends well. For some peopel are dreamers. Some people have a wild heart, which is beautiful and although it is hard to understand, we are’t to always try to understand it but help them to run free. Whether or not we can run with them, it doesn’t matter-we are to simply help them to be the best they can be. Not breaking them and stealing their passion but kindling that fire within them to do something remarkable. For the world needs dreamers, the world needs those people to bring forth something this world needs-souls on fire.

Those who are hard to handel, those who may seem rebellious or “bad”. I smile as I thought about all the wonderful people who have been labelled by the world simply because they are misunderstood. For we are not to reveal the dirt of people but pull out the gold beneath that dirt-to give them back their vision and their dreams.

For Josephs brothers tried to diminish the dreams of Joseph because they did not understand it and allowed jealously to build up within them rather than seeking to join up with that dream and see him succeed, “Here comes this dreamer, come now let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits. Then we will say that a fierce animal has devoured him and we will see what becomes of his dreams” Genesis 37:19-20

For a dreamer needs someone to run with them or let them run, not to be crazy but to be wild. For being wild isn’t bad, I think it is beautiful. For something wild has not allowed the world to contaminate them or try to fit them into a mould. They are free to be what they were created to be in their purest form. Just because something is tamed does not mean it is living out their fullest potential and abilities.

For with that black filly, I did not want to tame her to steal away her freedom and make her into just another horse. I wanted to help her use her wildness to join up with me, trusting in one another to create a pure relationship of love-where we could be a team. I wanted her to keep her radiance, not to break her down and steal that passion from her eyes but to allow her to be exactly as she is-beautiful in all her glory.

I write this simply because I have been blessed with a family who did not try to tame me. They desperatly wanted to show me how to use my passion for something good rather than destructive. They helped lead me to Jesus who has brought me the fullness of freedom in Him-not to be rebellious but free to live this life for Him and dream, dreams that only He can fulfill.

I pray that He places within you dreams that only He can fulfill. I pray that He protects your passionate heart and uses it for His glory. I pray that just as that mare learned to join up with us that we learn to join up with Abba and live abiding in Him, trusting in Him to use our passionate hearts for His will and desires. I pray we are not tammed in the eyes of man but are children of God, free to live as Jesus set us free to live and passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God come to this earth. May our hearts be wholly His and may we run free with Him to set others hearts on fire, in Jesus name amen!

For when we are passionate about the Lord, nothing in this world can take that away from us. May you not allow anyone to steal that passion, to make you fit into their mould but to be who you were fearfully and wonderfully created to be, a child of God. 6d37d981e1cf0a56b2286afbcaa472e3

I believe in your passions and your dreams. I believe in the treasure within you that the world needs to see. I believe that you are to be passionatly free to follow the Lord in all His splendor to show others the beauty of living in the freedom of Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord guards your heart, your mind and your passion for Him, so that no man may take that away, but the Holy Spirit will work through you, so that you may use it all for the glory of Our gracious God. Do not let your passions be quenched by unbelief or doubts, but stand in faith and believe that Our God loves you and longs for you to do great things through His grace and life.

“The Messiah has set us free so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom. So keep on standing firm in it, and stop putting yourselves under the yoke of slavery again. ” Galatians 5:1


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