The Fight Against Rest

As I close my eyes, I soak in the beauty of the moment.
I stand awaiting the rising of the sun. The cold crisp air gently passes me as I take a deep breath in. Slowly I can feel the warmth of its rays on me, as I reach down and rub my horses neck. Opening my eyes, I look into the beauty of glory.

“Come away with me to a quiet place by yourself and get some rest” His voice softly whispers as I get off my mare and begin to walk towards the medow. Holding my words I walk in silence as I wait for His voice to flood in. I take off my horses bridle and quietly place my hand upon your forehead as I let her go to freely rest.

“For just as your horse needs rest, so do you. Take time to come away with me. take time to step out of this world and come into my presence. For in the midst of busyness lies all that is not me. Learn to come to me, learn to walk away from striving and come to enter into my presence. For in my presence is freedom, in my light is the fullness of joy. But to recieve you must come, to drink you must realize you are thirsy, and to eat is to first hunger. May you come away with me and get some rest for weariness will not take you over if you are with me. Come my beloved and come with me.”

As His words cover me, I get down on my knees in the deep grass of the medow and sit before my King. For in that moment I realize,

If I am not walking with Him, then I am striving for myself.If I am not spending time with Him, then I am labouring in vain.
If I am not seeking Him, then I am seeking for my own self.

I know I’ve written about rest before, but to be honest, in our day of age, it is so easy to forget it. It is so easily forgotten as we get busy, and get consumed with our long lists and scheduels that never seem to stop. How have we gone from seeking to find our identity in what we do? Or how we try to find our worth in what others expect of us and from us rather than knowing what our King expects from us?

“He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

How can we love Him that deeply if we are trying to please man or please ourselves? How can we love Him if we do not spend time getting to know Him? Or even if we have spent time with Him before-just like in a marriage, we can lose that intimicay if we are not spending time with Him. Finding rest is essential and when we find it in Christ Jesus daily, our lives will begin to shine in a new light and be lived through a new source-the Holy Spirits, rather than our own strength which fades.

For He desires us to love Him before trying to please Him through our deeds. He desires us to rest in Him first, rather than trying to complete a list of “to-do’s”. He would rather us seek Him and His face than trying to win approval of man for our hard work. For His Kingdom is not of ours. Our ways are not always His ways. And in the busyness of our lives, we forget what He asks of us, to seek after His Kingdom and rigtheousness and all else will be given to us (Matthew 6:33).

For when we come to rest in Him, we learn to walk in the Spirit and not live by our flesh. We learn to let God do through us what we can’t do ourselves. For living without Him will gather us up riches that will only fade away, but living with Him will store us up treasures where moths and rust will not destroy and where theives and robbers cannot break in and steal.

Although it goes against everything our culture and flesh may tell us, we are to rest. For we need rest for our bodys, our minds and our spirit to be refreshed in the presence of God. Without rest, our bodies will slowly break down, our minds will burn out and our spirit will become dry and weary.

I pray that our of His glorioius riches, Our Father will teach us how to rest as Jesus did, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. May He lead us into intimate time where we can know Him and seek His face. I repent from labouring in vain and seeking selfish desires rather than seeking Gods face and resting in Him and ask that He teaches me to learn how to rest in Him and live by the Spirit, in Jesus name, amen!

For to be filled, we need to spend time with that who is living water.
To find the fullness of life, we need to be with that whom gives it freely.
To find rest for our weak and burdened spirits, we need to always be walking with Him who calls us to lay them down so He may carry them.
Jesus Christ.

May you be challenged to guard your time with the Lord, and to stop fighting against finding rest but to just take it. May we stop making excuses and pushing it aside, but take a moment to find rest. May we learn spiritual discipline in coming away with Him and finding rest so that in His presence He may renew you, restore you, speak to you and overflow your heart with love.
For how can we love someone with all we have if we do not spend time getting to know Him and giving our hearts to Him?

He loves you dearly and longs for you to know Him face to face. Although you stand here on earth, be reminded where you sit.

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,”  Ephesians 2:6

Spend some time asking the Holy Spirit to teach you about rest and how you can spend time in the presence of the living God!!

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest!”
Mark 6:31


I pray that He stirs up your spirit with a hunger to know Him deeper and I ask that the Holy Spirit leads you into a quiet place for you to find true rest in His presence. May you find the beauty of His rest, may you find joy and freedom in His light and be brought a greater revelation of what living in the Spirit is. May you be a man/woman after His own heart and seek His face above your own. Lastly may you taste and see that the Lord is good and experience His presence and rest in such great ways that you never go back to living with Him.

Father we thank you for your goodness. God we thank you that you call us to come and rest in you. Thank you for refining us, may you continue to purify us and bring us deeper into your heart and presence. You are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and we love you.


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