Why Jesus?

Coming into a world where everything is pointed towards ourselves and this world. We have been showed what it is like to be our own gods and how to live only for here and now. We have grown up in a culture where antyhing to do with Jesus and the Church is religious and not okay while anything to do with idolizing our own selves is okay. We have become comfortable with the lives we live, although most of us are seeking something more. Maybe, just maybe you are begininning to grow a hunger to find your purpose or to seek a better life for yourself. Maybe you are trying to change old habits or seek answers to questions you. Maybe you have hit rock bottom and are looking for a way to stand again. I don’t have the answers, I don’t have anything that is worth saying to you other than, I once was there. I once was broken, lost and hopeless, caught up in the things I became accustomed too only to find out that instead of bringing me joy, they robbed me of it. Instead of bringing me contentment, they brought about saddness and confusion. And all I was doing brought me further away from finding out who I was because in the process I was losing myself in hopes of gainning something that wasn’t true. The life in movies are not the answer, neither are the way celeberities look should we be trying to attain. The world has become confused as noone has stood in the gap to proclaim something different, the truth.

So in the midst of a world where we are drowining in depression, wars, suicides, murder, drunkedness,stealing and adultery, why Jesus?01dafb55a7afb79e8f2aab80a8196ad9

I have a burning desire in my heart for more. Not more of what the world is trying to shove down my throat, but the very opposite. The very thing the world runs from because of fear. Fear of the unknown, a lack of knowledge and understanding of who He is, Jesus Christ. For nothing that the world is showing is worth my time or effort if God is not behind it. For every single person, if they were to be honest with themselves is seeking love. And why is that? We all have it engrained within us to be loved by love Himself, God Almighty. We all have a missing void within our hearts that we try to fill with money, sex, alcohol and whatever else we have become dependent on, even facebook, twitter, celebrities and mindless games. We have become a generation and culture who run from Jesus because we do not know who He is, we lack understanding and knowledge.

And instead of being set free to live away from the very things that are destroying us, we run towards them and leave He who will give us freely life. For the things we run too, are the very things that tear us apart. Relationships fall apart, our lives become shallow and our habits are consumed by addictions that only make us more unhappy, depressed and seeking more-so instead of seeking a better way, we dig ourselves into a deeper hole, spending more money, going to more parties and seeking shallow relationships to fill the void that is only growing as it is not being filled with the only substance that can mend it back together, the love and grace of Jesus.

I am not writing this to talk down on anyone or say I have it right. I can only speak from where I have come from and the hope that I have found in the Lord that nothing in this world could have ever given me. I am merely seeking to pour forth His light into darkness, so that those who are lost can be found by His saving grace. For Jesus is King, He is Lord and He came to save even the worst of us. For I did not deserve the life of Jesus, I am not worthy of His grace, yet He freely gives it to me because of His love.

What does His life mean? His life means we are no longer living to die but we are brought new life through Him. We seek our fulfillment through Him who knows our needs and desires and longs to fill us. Jesus came to earth and died, so that we could be set free from the sin we have done throughout our lives that without Jesus we would die carrying. Jesus rose again victorious so we could live a victorious life here on earth, set apart and holy. No longer weighed down by the things of the world but able to choose Him.

For now I live in hope of His glory. I live everyday no longer attached to what the world is showing me as essential because I know my King has provided me with all I need; joy, hope, love, patience, goodness, gentelness and life in Him. For without Jesus we are dead. How are we dead? We all have spirits and once we accept Jesus into our hearts we recieve the Holy Spirit who is eternal life. Our spirits are brought to eternal life because He who is within us is the very breath of life we are seeking.

So I ask myself even now. Why Jesus? Out of everything else this world has to offer, out of everything else that I could possibly believe in. Why do I believe in a man who called Himself the Messiah?
I choose Jesus because He is real. He is the living God and through Him I am whole. My heart is hungry for a love that nothing on earth can meet, and He is that love. I desire to know the truth of why I am here and what I am living for, and God has given me that truth through His Word. I choose the Son of God because He is the way, the truth and the life and without Him, I am lost, broken, hopeless and dying in my own sin. It is not that God tries to keep us from experiencing life and enjoying it, but brings us into the fullness of life we are meant to live-with Him. He redeems us from that which ultimitley steals life from us and gives us freely new life in Him. For I once lived apart of the world in all it’s “pleasures” and found myself seeking more. I found myself unsatisfied, confused, broken and lost. But My Redeemer revealed His love to me, for when I was lost, He showed me that I had a future, I had the beautiful gift of life and love through Him and I choose to recieve Him into my heart. I choose Jesus because God has chosen me and see’s me as His beloved daughter. Through Him I have life, I live knowing I am loved greater than I could ever imagine and I live in faith that my God reigns and He lives through me. I am able to live boldly for Him because how could I hide this joy and love within me from those who need to experience it? I will never go back to the life that Jesus saved me from, because I now live in His life. By His grace I pray that I remain abiding in Him, for there is no other way to live. I pray that you too are able to see and experience the Fathers love and be brought a deep revelation of how loved and valued you are by God. For no matter where you are, what you are going through or what you have done, He loves you. Exactly how you are, where you are but loves you too much to leave you how He finds you. He desires to pick you up, clean you off and clothe you with His robes. You are worthy enough of His love and life. To recieve it, may you be willing to follow Him and live for Him-for He can save you, but you must be willing. For He loves you to much to force you to do anything but rather longs for you to choose Him. (The story of grace)

Why Jesus? Because my life itself is a testimony of God’s goodness and unfailing love. My life is a testimony of His mercy, redemption and forgivness because I myself am not able to be who I am today if it was not for Jesus. My life is a miracle, the love I have is not my own but only His. And if I did not have Him, I would have nothing to offer to others and I would have no purpose to live for. Without Him I would be seeking pleasures within this world that would one day fade and be destroyed, but through Him I have a life that only becomes more glorious as I seek to know The Father. My life is no longer weighed down by my own mistakes and shame but lifted up and redeemed because He who loves us has died and rose again so we could live with Him, so we could live in heaven and experience His loving embrace for all of eternity.

His love is deep, His love is real and He is for you. He has chosen you to come to know Him and to recieve the life He is freely offering to you that cost Him, His own.

I pray that through these words you are able to see how high, how wide, how lond and how deep His love is for you and the life Jesus died for you to recieve. May the eyes of your heart be enlightened and may the spirit of truth rest over you and shine light into darkness within your heart and bring a deeper revelation of who Jesus is and that beautiful purpouse He has created you for. I pray that the spirit of salvation would cover you and call you back into your identity as a child of God! In Jesus mighty name, may the Holy Spirit come and guide you into all truth. Amen!

Take time and read John

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” John 1:4

Be so blessed! You are loved and valued. You have the potential within you to not only change the world but to be changed and in return be able to share with the world the only thing that can truly save souls, redeem the lost and pour love on the broken, hopeless and sick-Jesus Christ.

Zion by Hillsong

Love you friend.


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