A Season of New Life

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged”
Deuteronomy 31:8

As I get ready to leave for yet another adventure, I am so excited to experience the Lord in new ways and to see His love like never before. I go with great expectation to see Him move expoentially and transform hearts, lives and the camp’s atmosphere!! I go in hope that God will bring forth a greater revelation of His love and release His Kingdom all around !!

I am entering into a new season where new life will be birthed. I have come out of a season of intimicay with the Lord and tearing down (which doesn’t sound to good but believe me it was amazing) and now is a time for Him to rebuild and root me in Him. I believe He will show me a greater understanding of my identity in Him and how to live wholly fixed on Him.

I know there will be challenges and times of opposition, yet I go in joy, trusting in Him who is sending me out to prepare the way and lead me through it. For living in community, it’s hard to find time to get away and spend time alone in the presence of God, but just as Jesus learned to step away and seek His Fathers face, may the Holy Spirit teach me to do the same, leading me into a place of solitude even in the busyness of camp life to find rest in Him. For without Him, I am nothing and have nothing to give to others. If I am not being filled, then nothing is overflowing for those around me. For as much as I love Jesus, for the sake of others, spending time with God is necessary! For in His presence is where I find rest and am able to know Him more and more. If you find time, please pray that I would remain covered by the grace of God and have time daily to seek Him intimatly!

I feel it is so easy to be somewhere but miss the purpose as to why we are there. We are brought to a place where we feel as though now we are left to defend for ourselves. But how beautiful is it that our Go never brings us somewhere and leaves us? I am so unbelivably grateful that I am able to come to a new placec with high hopes of meeting God in greater ways than I ever have before. I acknowledge that I am there for the Lord and for others so that they may see and encounter the living King. For I have been humbled to see, I myself have nothing to give another. I have nothing outside of God to offer others and I couldn’t be happier to realize that He is all I have. Even at this new job, I cannot lead others, teach children, encourage or take care of horses if He does not come through to provide me with all knowledge and understanding to do so.

I desire to come into this season fully empowered by the grace of God and His strength, none of my own. That this will be a season of new life, of rooting me in my firm foundation, Christ Jesus!

What season do you feel you are in or coming into?
What do you feel the Lord is placing on your heart?
How are you living your life day to day?
What changes can you begin to make, with exactly what you have, where you are and who you are around?

 For I have been at points where I was content with where I was, although I knew I could be somewhere far better. And I don’t necessairly mean physically but spiritually, mentally an emotionally. May you come to see the importance of living a life selflessly for the Lord. For when we lay it down, He picks us up and takes us to greater heights. When we live intentionally we begin to live with purpose. It is beautiful to see life as going from glory to glory as we fix our eyes on Jesus.

You can do great things-exactly where you are. Whether you feel you have little to give or a lot, start with exactly who you are and God will bless you for being faithful with the little things. 4d0a06502017ee945f6f4f3cd0d44d42

During this season of my life, if I cross your mind, I would LOVE if you could pray for me. I won’t be on facebook, but please check my blog regulary and I will post what the Lord is doing !!

Please pray that His love would transform Pioneer Lodge, the community, the staff, and the campers. Pray that we may experience an outpour of His love, grace and mercy each week with new campers. Pray that we may experience Him like never before and His Holy Spirit will transform hearts, lives and ignite hearts on fire to live radically and fearlessy inlove with Him!

I pray a blessing over you and declare that you will experience the love of Our Savior in beautiful, great ways! May you join with me on this adventure and feel free to write me-I would LOVE to hear what the Lord is doing in your life and write you back!

Pioneer Lodge
Box 660, Sundre AB, T0M 1X0


One thought on “A Season of New Life

  1. It’s beautiful to see the work God is doing in you Vanessa and to see your humble spirit and your willingness to rely totally on Him! I will be one who will pray for you this summer and will look forward to following your blog. Love, Heidi

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