A Call to go Deeper

Almost about to leave for another adventure to a familar place. A new chapter calls for a change-why not blog differently while I’m at it !

While I’m away, I’m going to see how I can take blogging to a new level-sharing the little things as well as writing what I’m learning. If my life is a story, might as well share it !

After months of spending time with my family, friends and most importantly the Lord, I’m heading out again-this Friday. The door kept opening for me to go back to Pioneer Lodge and teach children how to ride horses ! I pray that doors will open for the love of Jesus to reach each heart and renew each mind. (If I cross your mind at any point, feel free to pray !!!)

This past half year has transformed me and I have learned more about the Lord and in doing so myself, then I could have learned on my own. I am so grateful for the intimate time I spent in the presence of God and am so grateful that even in the busyness of life, He pulled me back to spend time learning to rest in Him. I read a great quote the other day about how often we try to rush into our careers or full time ministry, rather than taking time to truly seek the Lord and allow Him to prepare and equip us. We rush so fast into being workers rather than lovers of Jesus. (In no way am I saying we shouldn’t be going after our dreams) However I do see the beauty in taking time to know God and who you are in Him. Our identity is one of the greateset pieces of our life with Christ-for when we know who we are in Him and what He is calling us to, we then can be bold and fearless within the world. For the more time we spend soaking in His presence, the more prepared we will be for the world and day to day life.

How do you think God see’s you? How do you see yourself? What potential do you hold within yourself?

God loves you. You are precious to Him and He longs for you to know Him deeper. The most beautiful thing about seeking the Lord is there is no formula, it is simply seeking Him and being around those who are doing the same and the greatest thing about the journey is it’s a process, not a one day thing. Continue to persever and seek the face of the Lord, asking that He reveals your identity in Christ Jesus and how He see’s you and that you are willing to know Him deeper, no matter the cost. For how can we know God if we don’t seek to do so? For the sake of the world and those around us, we need Jesus. For without Him we have nothing to give to the world, we have nothing in our own self that the world needs other than Christ Jesus. May we seek Him so that the world may be filled with a greater revelation of Jesus Christ through those who follow Him. This is a call to come deeper into the heart of Abba, a call to know God and be known by Him. A call to be a person after the heart of God and not settle with just making it into heaven but allowing others to experience heaven here and now, so they may have a glimpse of the One who loves them also and call on His name. Our calling is not for our own self, but for those around us who the Lord has brought to us to see His uncondtional, never ending, unfailing love. Will you seek the Lord and allow Him to consume you so others may have an opportunity to encounter His love?

May you join in me on this adventure of being a fearless, intimate lover of Jesus in a world that may not understand but despertaley needs Him and to see Him. For how can they see Him if those who love Him aren’t an example of Him? How can they hear about Him if those who know the Gospel, aren’t bringing it to them? How can they know the great love of Jesus if we aren’t pouring it out on them by God’s grace?

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News of good tidings” Romans 10:14-159e8e0f4cad9a81622b3d1a999d64aada

May you be a bringer of the Good News to those who are lost and seeking for it. For the world is dry and seeking rain-May you allow Jesus flow through you into the dry and weary land and bring His living water to the thirsty!

Isasiah 55


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