How To : Expand Your Horizion

Ah the beauty of seeing past the place we are. For there are moments when we seem stuck, when it seems almost as if a thick-dark cloud has appeared around us and there is no way out! Let me tell you, there is never a point for you to lose hope, for there is always light arising and there is always a horizion, no matter where you may feel you are. Whether in the valley, in the garden, in the swamp, the desert or in the wilderness-theres a horizion before you.262334747013811421_QaJP1CDF_c

So how do we expand our horizion?

1)Don’t limit yourself by looking at what you are faced in.

Whatever problem you feel trapped in or is trapping you in, don’t focus on what is happening but what can come from it. Don’t always look at the mud your feet are trapped in but look at the way to get out of it. So often we focus to much on what is weighing us down rather then how to get out of it. Expanding your horizion is not simply looking at the ground where your feet are but ahead at where you want to be and can be.

2)Don’t allow past hurts, unforgivness, and blaming others holding you back.

So often we can’t see past our own hurts and blaming others (especially parents) for why we are the way we are, or why we do the things we do-rather than taking control of our own lives and realizing that we can make things better. We do not have to limit our potential because of things that have happened. For when we allow what has happened tear us apart-there won’t be a happening. I am not taking away from anything you may have gone through or are going through-but by focusing on the negative you are missing thinking positivley, speaking positivley and living postiviley here and now.

3)By trying something new

We don’t have to keep doing the same old things just because we’ve always done them. Expand your horizion, do something you’ve never done. Be courageous, be adventerous, be fearless. Try a new sport, a new hobbie, try playing music, try painting. Don’t just be okay with doing little things, reach for the greater things!! Allow the potential within you to burst out !!

4)Removing your old glasses to see something new

Do you ever feel you are always seeing things the same way-even if it isn’t good. If you are always seeing the cup half empty than half full, take off those old mindsets and views and begin to see things through different eyes. Even if it isn’t easy at first, begin to see the positive in things, not just the negative. For negativity will drain you, while positivity will fill you with joy and life!

5)Travelling somewhere new and meeting new people

There is a whole world before us. With amazing people, amazing cities and beautiful places. Begin to adventure, whether it’s going away for a weekend, a few months or going to a new gym. Meeting new people expands your horizion to see the world through new eyes. The people we surround ourselves with are people who may be just like us, but the best thing is meeting new people who will challenge us to be a better us!

6)By realizing that God-the Creator of the universe, the One who formed you, created you and loves you has already prepared the way for you.

Think about this for a minute. The God who created millions upon millions of different animals, insects, trees and the beauty that surrounds us – created you and me to dwell on His earth for Him. He created you with intention. He created you with a vision. He created you from love – for love. If the Creator of the universe created you-it was for a reason, for a great, amazing purpose. You were not an accident from your parents, or a mistake-you are divinley and beautifully made for something amazing! Do not allow yourself to doubt your potential. For right when you allow negative self image and lack of purpose to cloud your mind, you are losing sight of the amazing path the Lord has prepared for you. He has created you with a perfect plan, don’t allow yourself or others remove you from that path. For expanding your horizion is being willing to accept the truth and follow through on it.

7)Do not settle for where you are when there is the whole world infront of you to experience and live in.

Do not be content with merely living a mediocer life! You have the whole world infront of you. You are able to do whatever you desire-do not limit yourself merely to lack of ambition. For if you want to travel-work, save money and do so. If you want to preach-apply to seminary, work and go to school.If you want stronger faith, begin to step out and use the faith you already have. If you want to buy your own car-begin to work to do so. If you want to be a better you-begin to take steps to change. We never have to hinder ourselves merely because of what we think we can and can’t do. You are able to do anything you desire, the question is how much are you willing to work for what you want?

Expanding your horizion is not settling for average when you can do the best. Expanding your horizion is rising up to do what you always dreamed of doing.Expanding your horizion is not staying where you are but always moving foreward.
Expanding your horizion is having hope that there is something better instore for you, that no matter where you may be-there is light, there is a future and you have a purpose.
Expanding your horizion is coming to see that God loves you and Jesus died so you could live not dwelling in past failures, hurts or condemnation but in freedom to not just look at the sun rise but run towards it. For with Jesus you are never stuck in the dark-thick clouds, rather His light shines through to remind you that there is always a horizion, no matter how far you’ve come, there is always more, always something more exciting and something better!!

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

How exciting is it to think that there is always more? That we are never going to get bored with life, with ourselves or with God? For in Him, all things come together, all things are possible if we have faith to trust in Him.

Do not allow yourself to limit what God says about you. All throughout the Bible; God expresses His great unfailing love for us, and His plans for us to succeed in life not fail. May you expand your horizion and realize there is more to learn, more to experience and the truth is awaiting for you to discover.

You are able to expand your horizion! Keep looking ahead, keep being inspired, keep the faith!

Jesus loves you!

“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being” Ephesians 3:16


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