Set Us On Fire

Every story starts with someone who was willing.

Willing to be bold.

Willing to live passionatly for Jesus.

Willing to be fearless in the midst of opposition.

Willing to step out and step into their purpose.

Willing to let the fear of man dissipate.

Willing to allow their hearts to be set on fire for the world to watch them burn.

But it doesn’t stop there! For when one allows themselves to be set on fire with a passion for change, they ignite others to do the same. For the world is seeking desperate people. People who are not conforming to the ways of the world, but those who are living through love for others. For when desperate people arise, others are able to see the freedom of living through His love and grace.

For I believe that Jesus came to ignite peoples hearts on fire. A fire of passion fueled byt His love and grace so that others may get a glimpse of the beauty of life with Him. For there is nothing greater than living through our purpose.

“All flesh shall see that I the Lord have kindled it, it shall not be quenched” Ezekiel 20:48

The Lord is seeking to kindle the flame within your heart to burn with love and passion for Him. For when we are ignited by His love, nothing can stop us. For perfect love casts out fear. Nothing can hinder someone who is being driven by the source of life itself. For when we are set on fire-it is effortless for us, for everything we do, everywhere we go, our fire will blaze a trail behind us.

The Bible is full of people who were desperate for more. Who knew that without Him, their lives were nothing and meaningless. For without the Author of life directing our lives-everything we do is merely for this world rather than for His life. Story after story in the Bible are those who stood in great faith, crying out, “God if you don’t come through, I will surely die!” For they stood in a place of uncertaintiy, desperate to give it all to Him, so that He could move in great ways. It was no longer about them, but about His will being done through them.

For when we are ignited on fire, it is to proclaim and reveal His glory-not our own. It is no longer about others seeing us and our abilities, but about others seeing our humaness and God’s ability to work through our limits to bring forth the impossible. For when we are burning for Jesus, the impossible becomes possible. For we then move to desperate places for Him to come through, we come to places where He is glorified because it is only through His power that it was able to come to pass.

May you begin to ask Jesus His game plan for you life. May you begin to seek how He wants to ignite you on fire. Become desperate for Him, a desperate lover, for He will build in you a fearless, passionate and bold heart if you begin to come to a place for Him to do so.

Revival comes from heaven when heroic souls enter the conflict determined to win or die-or if need be, to win and die! “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. – Charles Finney

“Oh Father, I seek your face. May you set me on fire by your Holy Spirit, ignite in me a fearless, desperate, passionate love for all to see. Fire of God consume me and ignite all those who see, hear or live with me with the same fire. May you be glorified through my little life set on fire by your love and power. I am yours oh God, consume me and may through me, a blazing trail be left for others to come down. In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

Don’t fear the ways of the world. For the King we serve, His Kingdom is not of this world. The Kingdom within us, is far, far greater than that around us. We are His instruments here on earth, allow His glory to be seen by all. May others through your life come to know the true love of the King. The world can only see Him and hear of Him, if those who serve Him-proclaim Him and share Him. For if we are seeking a revival, may we begin to seek to be the starters of it. May we begin to seek His face and not stop short of seeing it. For once we are caught on fire, that is when He can begin to move. When desperate people, seeking Him alone, place themselves in a position for His glory to fall for the world to see. Humble, pure, clean and obedient vessels He is seeking to fuel with His presence and ignite with His glory. Are you willing?

May my life be a living testimony and proclamation of the Lords great unfailing love for all.


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