A Generation of Lovers

I don’t think I can say it enough: love. love. love. love.

spread love. breathe love. live in love. live out love. be filled continually with the very essence of love itself-God. spread the love of Jesus. fill others with the love of Jesus. remind others of his love. speak love. share love. give love.

As a generation that is seeking to bring about change, that is trying to bring back peace, love and unity into a broken world. We ourselves must be manifesting such a life within ourselves that it is reproduced in others through us. We must begin to rise above the way others are living and begin to bring about that change we are seeking. It is easy to talk about change, but who is really living out that change for others to follow in?

Some steps that I am seeing to take in order to bring about change in the world I stand in is to love. For love conquers all things, and love mends all things. For when we truly are living in love, Heaven begins to come. For love is the language we must speak, the way we walk and the life we live. It is so easy to be consumed by knowledge and work that we miss the true purpose of Christ’s coming-to love. May we see that out of all things, love needs to be shown. People are more important than doctrines to argue about. For heaven is meant to be a place of all living in unity, in love. How can we live a life centered around one self when Jesus came to show that our lives are meant to be for giving life to others? Of sacrifical love in which we desire others to achieve greatness rather than ourselves, for in doing so, we ourselves will be gaining richness in Christ. For when we truly live through the very essence of love, we are living in the light of truth. For God Himself is love, and when abiding in love, Jesus is being shown. Show Jesus for who He truly is, love. May we ourselves also love Jesus from the depth of our heart so that He may be reproduced through who we are, through what you say, through the life you live. That onlys may not simply know about a love that we preach but be able themselves to follow in such a way of living in love.9ce4f71ec6b3a0ff285fc37eeb36a914

May we begin to seek to share that love with others.  We need to address peoples problems and then show them the answer which is Christ. Don’t conform to the ways of the world and their talk, but allow Christ’s truths and Word to be the air you breathe, the words you speak. Learn to host His presence so that He is all that flows through you. Bringing about peace, love, hope, joy and faith.  May you always call on peoples destinies in Christ and apart from the world. Empower them to see who they were created in the image of and who they are capable of maturing into. For none of God’s people are meant to be orphans and may we begin to enable others to see that they have already won victory over sin and over this world. We must not see it as a battle to be won, but enforcing that we are already victorious through Christ. For everyone need’s Christ in different ways, places in their hearts and lives-but Christ fits in each part. May we see where others are hurting and allow the Lord to speak through us to place Him there. We must speak life to those who are dead and be bringers of hope and life, whether they acknowledge it or not, they need Christ. And by us placing Him infront of them, they will be brought truth. For when we speak in love, God comes. We are not speaking to peoples minds but to their Spirit, for it is their Spirit that must be ignited and through that, their minds will be renewed and transformed as Christ works from the inside out. We are Christ’s vessels here on earth, being a bridge for Him to connect to those who are lost, hopeless and poor.

May we call on peoples destinies, showing them that God has carefuly made them unique so they may serve Him in a diferent manner than anyone else alive. That they truly do have something to give to God and to mankind. May we show them that they have a purpose, a God-given purpose and only through Christ can that be achieved.  May we bring hope and love back into this world, by reminding people of the hope that lies before us and within us. May we be bold in love, giving ourselves and things to those around us.

For Jesus died for all, He died so there would always be enough. He loves us so much that He wanted to redeem each person and bring the orphans back into sonship. May we honor others and show them that they truly do matter and that they have a purpose within the will of God Almighty. May we help the blinded to see truth, those who are broken to be healed and those who are lost to find their way in Christ Jesus.

We have no reason to be living in fear, for we have already won victory through Jesus’ blood. We are no longer held back by the world but we have what they are seeking, Jesus. Always speak through love, speak into peoples lives reminding them of who they were created in the image of and the forgivness that they are capable of recieving. May we love others into the Kingdom and never stop loving them. For love is what the world needs, Love is God, and each person matters. Begin to be radical lovers of the Lord and see your potential as a follower of Him. Come to stand in your identity in Him and realize, for yourself, how loved you truly are. For when we ourselves know the love within us and upon us, then how can we not share that love?

May above all else, we be a generation of lovers. People set on fire with the love of Christ to set the world on fire. For we are those who condem but those who love and share Christ’s love who is for each person, regardless if they know God or not. How beautiful is that…that we are able to partake in the work of the Lord to bring all back into His loving Kingdom?

“May the Lord make your love grow more and multiply for each other and for all people so that you will love others as we love you. May your hearts be made strong so that you will be holy and without fault before our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all His holy ones”

1 Thessalonians 3:12-13


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