The Essence of Life

While the Sun slowly set along the horizion, I stood gazing upon the beauty in which it painted across the sky. A warm mixture of reds, yellow and oranges lavished the sky in radiance as I stood in awe, admirning the art work being painted before my eyes. The warmth of the last rays of the Sun fluttered across my face as the wind whisped by me, bringing along a cool, soft breeze. I can’t help by smile as I enjoy this moment that brought forth so much beauty although for that whom is painting it, is almost effortless. As I look towards the Sun which is almost dissapeared, I softly whisper, “You Oh Lord, are radiant in every way. Thank you for your love. Thank you that you deem me worthy of your love. Thank you that your perfect love casts out all fear…” I close my eyes as I stand there, my heart being overwhelemd with thankfulness for my gracious Lord. For His love goes beyond anything I am capable of understanding. His love is flawless. He is perfect. He is love.35747cad96c6d57ee08e522f594c1a53

In our lives we try to find things to love, we try to find things to love us and we try to create love. In doing so we miss the very essence of who love is. Love is not something we need to create, Love is nothing a thing, Love is Him. Love is God Himself. To find true, beautiful, fearless love is when we find God.

For there are things in our life that we think we need to abolish, such as hate, fear, jealousy, pain, sadness. But the beautiful thing is, we don’t need to strive to remove them out of our lives. Like a building, when removing an old, useless block-our building is weakened. We are not to strive to remove such things out of our life but to bring in the very thing which holds together our lives- Jesus Christ.

For when bringing in the very source of life Himself, He brings forth all that we long for. He comes to restore, rebuild, redeem and save. For the only one who can remove all the filth from our lives is Jesus Christ. It is only through Him that we will begin to see, live and experience true love and in return all that is not of Him will be removed. For anything apart from God who is good, is evil. Anything apart from love itself is hate. Anything apart from His life is dying. For Jesus is radiant. He brings with Him an abundance of life. He comes to love, He comes to free those who are living in darkness. He comes to fill every crevice of our hurting hearts with His saving grace. He does not come to condem but to love. He does not come to steal our lives but to give life. He does not come to control but to set us free. He came to forgive us of our wrongs. He came to tore the curtain that was seperating us from recieving eternal life and in return open the door to recieve it. He came to free us from the darkness of this world and give us light, which is Himself. He comes to remind us who we were created in the image of, God Himself. He comes to pull forth our very destiny in which only through His power and life can be fulfilled to it’s greatest ability. Jesus comes to show us that we were saved not only for Heaven but for a purpose here and now. Jesus comes to show us that we are deemed worthy of all things, that we are worthy of all His love, that we were worthy of His life and that we are children of God.

Jesus came to rescue the orphans of the world and bring them back into a relationship with The Father of all creation, God Himself. Jesus came to bring us hope in a hopeless world, to bring us light in the midst of darkness, to bring us love in the midst of hate, to bring us peace in the midst of unsettlement and bring us life in the midst of death. Jesus came to love, to show each and every person that love conquers all things. No matter where you are in your life, know you are loved. You are accepted and you are seen as worthy of being welcomed into the family of Our Father, of being deemed as God’s child. May you come to choose the very essence of life itself, and see how radiant life is when we are living within His presence. For when accepting Christ into your life, it is not bringing you under a religion or set of rules, but bringing you into freedom to be who you were created to be. By choosing Christ you are being set free from death and recieving eternal life. Jesus is giving you a life of eternal love and fulfillment rather than a life of pleasure in things that never truly satsify.

“Lord, your love reaches to the heavens, your loyalty to the skies.  Your goodness is as high as the mountains. Your justice is as deep as the great ocean. Lord, you protect both people and animals.  God, your love is so precious! You protect people in the shadow of your wings.  They eat the rich food in your house, and you let them drink from your river of pleasure. You are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life.  Continue to love those who know you..”   Psalm 36:5-10


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