Once was lost, now I’m found

As I sat, tears began to roll down my face. My heart broken and hope dissipating. I sat lost, confused and longing for more. More love, more purpose, more to life. Gently I feel a warming presence as He stands beside me, His eyes soft and tender as He gazed into mine. Lost in the moment, my mind quiets and heart healing as His smile peirces through the darkness and brings forth life..brings forth hope. He opens His arms wide, joyfully laughing. “Ah, I have found you, my princess, my love.” Tears of joy begin to stream down my face as He comes to embrace me, wrapping His arms around me, as alone I wouldn’t have been able to stand. For this moment is all I need, to be with that whom loves me, who never leaves me and that whom is faithful. Ah for although I was not worthy of such a sacrifice, and such love. He saw me as worthy, and through the depth of His soft eyes, the truth poured forth into my heart. For He is the only thing which can satisfy and fill my heart. Bringing me from hopelessness into His brilliant hope of life, far better than that which I was living in.

How sweet is the sound of a Father calling His lost and broken children home…a voice that is unlike no other. A voice that screams out His unfailing love. A voice that cries out His desperate hert for His children to come to Him. Yet His voice is gentle, it is soft, it is truth, it brings freedom and it peirces. His voice is one we yearn for. It is a voice we cannot seem to get away from…and I am so thankful for that. For He knows all things, He leads me down paths that I wouldn’t have been able to see myself. He has lead me through times of dryness to water and through times of overwhelming despair back to His arms. He has taken me from the bottom of the earth’s filth, cleansed me and clothed me in His righteousness, bringing me out as pure as snow. He has seated me at the right hand side of His throne. He has taken me from being an orphan, missing my Father-and redeemed me back to Him. Although I would have had no way to Him through my own efforts, He Himself, created a way for me. He was not going to leave me, He was desperate, He is desperatly inlove with me. He brought me back as a daughter of His Kingdom. I am no longer an orphan in this world for I am resting in the arms of the Father. God did not just call me out of darkness and into light, He walked with me through it. Jesus came to prepare the way. He set the captives free. He picked up the broken hearted and comforted them. He has released the prisioners from the devil and turned a life of death sentece into a life of eternal purpose. He has opened the doors of His Kingdom-He has opened the way to Heaven here on earth so that we may freely live with Him again. Back in a relationship that we long for, whether we know it or not-our hearts are seeking purpose. Our hearts are seeking love. Our souls are crying out to no longer be orphans but to be sons and daughters again of our Father.

The only question is how much are you willing to give up to recieve all that He has to offer? For His Kingdom is freely given but in doing so, we need to be emptied of oneself to be filled with His life. 260584211e2986fef1393459e8c21cb0

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. For He saved me, who was once lost. He rescued me from being an orphan and has adopted me into His arms. I am no longer a women of impurities or worthlessness. But I stand in my identity as a daughter of the King most High. When doing so, I no longer look for my worth through the things I do, the people around me, or what the world is telling me to do. For I know my place, I know whom I love and whom I am a child of. I am a child, a daughter, a woman of love, purity, hope, joy, peace, righteousness, self-control, gentleness and of God. I live in the freedom to be in a relationship again with that whom created me for such a thing.

“Since you are God’s children. God sent the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, and the Spirit cries out, “Abba, Abba”. So now you are not a slave; you are God’s child, and God will give you the blessing He promised, because you are His child.” Galatians 4:6-7

“For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

I am even more happy that all this is for you too. It is not just my story of being adopted and rescued from being an orphan. But it is yours too. Whether you are already a follower of Christ, I challenge you to find your identity in Him. To see yourself worthy of all love, worthy of all acceptance, and worthy to take your place beside Him. And if you aren’t a follower of Christ, I hope you will begin to find the truth that will set you free- free to be the person whom you are meant to be, free to live in the beauty of this world and what is to come, but most of all, the freedom to be redeemed back to your rightful place. For Jesus is Lord of all. Nothing…Nothing is too bad which He will not forgive and save us from. For our God delights in us, He loves us and longs for us to choose Him…for He has already chosen us as worthy of all.

“We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us.” 1 Corinthians 2:12

For we as children of God are no longer slaves to sin. We are no longer under darkness but Children of His light. We are able to live freely from any bondage of sin-do not conform back to the ways in which Jesus has saved and redeemed you from. Stay in your true identity and be reminded that you are a Child of God Most High, all that He has, is available for you.

Have an amazing and blessed day today and remember,



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