Seeking Him First

Walking down the snow covered path I am stopped by the soothing words of His voice, “For as you seek my Kingdom and my righteousness, all else that you are seeking will follow.” I begin to walk as I try to soak in what He had just spoke, “But Lord” I softly said, “What does seeking first your Kingdom look like?” As I continue to walk remaining fixed on Him, He spoke, “Seek first to inherit the fullness of my indwelling Spirit within you so that you may be my temple, fully equipped with my truths, love and character. Through that, all else will be given unto you as you learn how to operate through the name of Jesus and enter into the store house of Heaven. But first you must learn how to enable and empower the connection through the Holy Spirit to have a continual flow of my power from heaven through you. You have a limitless abundance within you. Continue to seek my full reign within you and you will recieve all my blessings and promises.” I stopped as I closed my eyes, His words imprinting deep into my heart.

For us to seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness, we must seek the giver of life Himself to impart in us the power of Christs life. Then as Christ reigns in us, we become His temple. Our soul becomes His garden in which He reaps a harvest of what we sow. He restores us back to that which we were destined to be. As we allow ourselves to be conformed to the image of Christ, we ourselves will be clothed in His righteousness and be His dwelling place. And through that, all we ask for in His name will be given unto us as we are connected through faith to the power of Christ. When we believe who God is and our place within Him, we become the conduit of Heaven (T.Woodburn).

We must first have the source of which all we ask for derives from. For how can we recieve the inheritance if we are not with Him, where He dwells to recieve His riches? Just as the parable of the lost son, the Father could only give him one aspect of the inheritance, which was the material aspect of it. But that is not all of an inheritance, a inheritance is recieving a place within the family. The Father could have not gone to his son and bring him that which He could only recieve by entering into the fathers house to  recieve that which was awaiting Him. But without doing so, he could not recieve the fullness of his inheritance.

We can seek His Kingdom by pressing into His presence, to get to know the Father Himself in an intimate relationship. To read and mediate on His Word, pray and being in communion with the Father,  spending time worshipping and praising Him and being around those who, they themselves are living within the Kingdom. May we continue to seek a renewal of our minds through the power of Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to unviel our eyes to be brought into understanding and knowledge of all His truths. Begin to encouter the Lord in divine ways.

There is so much more to seek and be revealed by the gracious Lord, may you always stay hungering and thirsting. Seeking all that He is and all He has to offer.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33


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