Women Overcoming the Lie

Our lives were shaped, created and spoken into this world for a beautiful purpose. We were made not only in the image of beauty but to be the carriers of His utter radiance. We were so carefully pieced together in the hands of Abba, we are “His masterpiece, His creation, His beloved”. We are daughters of the King, we are royalty, we are His…but how has it happened that we have disregarded our inheritance…that we have pushed aside our true identity and taken on the one of the world? friends

For the lies that we have come to believe, the truth that we no longer accept. How have our hearts become so broken? That we are no longer able to believe in the truth we were moulded from? That declares we are beautiful despite what the media shows, that we are worthy of love, and that our lives were made for His greatness. How have we allowed our need for approval and acceptance steal away our idenity in Christ? For we are not apart of this world, our citizenship is in the Kingdom-what goes here does not go in His palace. What the world see’s as beautiful is far from the standard of beauty in His eyes.

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. But let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.” 1 Peter 3:3-4

May we begin to recongnize the lies of the enemy, the deciet that he brings and acknoweldge his lies and disregard them. For through Christ we have His authority, we sit at the right hand side of God the Father’s throne. The enemy is of no power, unless we give him such. May we begin to stand in our identity in Christ, that we are radiant, we are loved, we are worthy of acceptance and we have been given this life to live and in doing so leaving a trail of beauty, radiance, His love and His glory.

The world is in dier need of love-we as women need to begin to love ourselves, love those around us and grow such a deep love for the Father that His words will be all that we listen to and acknowledge. So that whenever faced with a lie, we would overcome it with proclaiming His truth. May we be women who stand in all truth, women who love God with all our hearts where we do not seek acceptance or love from anything or anyone other than Him. May we be women of intergrity, of love, of honor. That we will put to death lies, gossip, jealousy, bitterness, impurities, a need to judge ourselves and others and instead walk in the Spirit-bearing only that which comes from Him. May we walk in a higher calling, a greater way of thinking and living.

May everytime a lie crosses your mind you decalre His truths. That you break old habits and lay to rest old thought patters. May through Christ you allow the renewing of your mind to be in the process, may you ground yourself in His word and love that you do not need to satisfy your heart in anything else.

You are beautiful, you are worthy of all love and acceptance. You are a women of a divine Kingdom. You stand in all authority through Christ. And you have the ability to bring forth His radiance and leave a trail of His glory. Just as our spoken words hold power, our thoughts hold power. For what we think of, is what we allow to manifest within ourselves. May we begin to break free from the chains of bondage that Christ died for and stand in all His truths; allowing only the manifestation of Christ and His Kingdom reign in us. Believe in the beauty you hold, the gifts Abba has placed in you to use and the ability you have to bring upon great influence and change to this world. You matter, your life matters-stand and sow seeds of love and truth into yourself and others.

It is so beautiful that women of the King are rising up to stand beside eachother. I believe Jesus is calling forth breakthrough, that He is preparing His women to be oaks of righteousness in all aspects. That He is declaring us to set ourselves apart of this world and remain in Him. That He is breaking off the chains and revealing the lies we have been brough to believe. That He will overflow His truths and love within us and through us to the world. Jesus is calling you to a greater calling, to take ahold of your identity in Him; as a women of righteousness, lover and vessel of His presence. May we embrace this call together and walk in the power of His Holy Spirit, bringing forth into this world, nothing short of His presence and His victory over the enemy.

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for life. I thank you for the beautiful daughter you have created and formed me to be. I thank you that my life is of great importance and has an amazing destiny. I thank you that I am alive. I thank you that I no longer have to listen to the lies of the world and the enemy but through you have freedom. I no longer have to conform to those around me because through you I have life. I thank you that you died so that I too could be set free and take my place beside the Father. I thank you that I am apart of a Kingdom that stands for all beauty. I ask that you may renew my mind, transform me into your likeness day by day. May I no longer associate myself with that of the world, but rise above to be a Kingdom bringer in all I do. I thank you for your love, I love you Jesus. In your precious name, Amen.”

Thank you Ashley for being a world changer and women of Jesus Christ



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