The Joy of Patience

In society today, patience is not something we really know how to live in. We are a culture based on efficiency and quanity rather than quality. Not only are most of our days planned out but our weeks, our months, even our year. We are people we are constantly trying to gather all we can rather than waiting for the best. We would rather take what is infront of us, rather than waiting for all that is to come.

“Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do. Then you will be perfect and complete and will have everything you need” James 1:4

Patience is so vital, it is a virtue many of us seek but never use. For we do not need to pray for more patience. We do not need to beg the Lord for more patience, when it has already been given to us by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. For the fruit of the Spirit do not just appear, they are grown. For us to bear fruit, we need to begin to sow the seeds to reap a harvest. To reap patience, we must begin to use that bit that we have faithfully, so that it will not only become strengthened but will mould into our character. For we are to be patient upon the Lord, He does not hurry to complete His tasks, He works in His own timing. The Lord knows the joy and pleasure of rest and with that, He invites us into His rest.

For when we are out of His rest and not sowing patience, we tend to miss the greatness that the Lord has in store for us as we would rather have what we can see now instead of  that which is being prepared for us. When we are not patient, we are quick to react with emotion, quick to speak, become anxious, worried and self-centered. We become fixed on our own desires and bringing them to completion with or without God. And in doing so we are in danger of living by our flesh  rather than by His Spirit which produces life bearing fruit instead of the life choking weeds of sin.

But when sowing patience we will be waiting on the Lords timing. We will gain more insight, depth, wisdom and understanding as we are more intuned with the Holy Spirit rather than all the earthly desires. For when we are patient, we are more focused on His perfect plan than ours and therefore we are willing to wait for it to pass. For when we rest in the Lord, He will perfect us by allowing us to be filled with His Spirit, moulding us into His character. For our God is so patient, He walks with us through the maturity process so that we are efficient Kingdom Bringers. So that we will become perfect in using what He has already entrusted to us, before giving us more. 113012271869108181_JQarRHIW_c

“Patience produces character and character produces hope and hope will never dissapoint us because God has poured out his love to fill our hearts. He has given us His love through the Holy Spirit, whom God has given us.” Romans 5:4

By learning to rest in the Lord, we allow Him to move us. We allow Him to direct each footstep as we are more fixed on Him and conforming to His character than our own desires of what we want. For when our desires are His desires and centered around Him, we come to a realization that we cannot accomplish or bring it to pass without Him. Therefore we have no other option than to be obedient to His guidance, to Him opening the doors of oppourtunity and Him bringing us to the greatest possible use of our giftings.

However do not take this that we are to not do work while waiting. For when sowing patience in the Lord, we are still being good stewards of that which He has given us. We are still working within His Kingdom with that which He has called us to do at the moment.  But through patience, we are learning not to sprint to recieve all He has promised, but allowing Him, through our maturity process to bring it to pass, when we are ready and capable to recieve faithfully.

Patience is essential, as we have a hope of what is to come but we must allow the Lord to bring it to pass. May we be dilligent in seeking Him, persevering through hardships and waiting on the Lord to reveal our next step.  Coming to see that if our hearts and eyes are truly fixed on the Lord, we could not afford to take a step without Him moving us. But when learning patience, we rest in Him, and learn to not react from our flesh but to be led by our Spirit. May we learn not to be so quick to do or speak, but to prayfully seek the Lords guidance, to read His word and meditate on it.  For He is faithful and will complete His good, perfect and pleasing will, through those who are willing to wait on Him.

Although it is not easy to be patient, may we day by day sow into it. Allowing the Lord to perfect us and mould us into His image.

“Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not grow faint” Isaiah 40:31


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