Take Me Deeper

I want faithful love more than I was animal sacrifices, I want people to know me more than I was burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6

As I sit, gazing out the window onto the snow covered field. My heart is filled with warmth as I admire the beauty of His hands. Thanking Him that even in all moments, I can be with Him; surrounded by His presence. Softly His voice whispers, How I long for you to love me above all else, to spend these moments resting in my presence then striving to do my work without me. How I desire you to know me so deeply rather than doing that which you think pleases me. For your faithfulness pleases me. I rejoice over you as you are. I am faithful to you, may you remain faithful in me. His soft words flowing into my heart, as I take a slow deep breath in. Ahh, for how often do I try to do what is right, or do his work rather than enjoying who He is. How often did I seek Him for forgivness of sins, but never truly did show love for Him in return.


If we do not truly love the Lord, then we will not be faithful to Him and His ways. For if we have no love for that whom we serve, we will not respect that which He asks from us whole-heartly. If we do not have true knowledge of God, then we will continue to do that which we think pleases Him. We will do that which we feel is right, rather than that which He is asking of us. If we do not know God, we will continue to conform Him to our perspective and ways.

The beautiful, gracious Lord desires us to love Him, to spend time with Him, to seek Him through all things and to come to know Him for who He truly is-not just who we make Him to be. We can come to know Him by spending time in His Word, meditating on His truths, speaking and praying with Him, worshiping and adoring Him and most of all, allowing time of silence to listen to what He is speaking to us. May we invite Him into each moment of our day, staying in-step with His Holy Spirit and live to know Him deeper and truly love Him.  May we continue to hunger and thirst for more of the Lord. May we ask Him to take us deeper, into a deeper relationship with Him, a deeper knowledge and understanding, a deeper love and a deeper way of living in His truths.

For how can we know someone or love them if we do not take time with them? If we do not spend intimate time with them? If we do not know what they truly desire?

The Lord my God is with me, The Mighty One will save me, He will rejoice over me, I will rest in His love, He will sing and be joyful about me! Zephaniah 3:17

Thank you Heavenly Father that you are always with us, that you save us, and that you rejoice over us. May we rest in your love and your presence. May you take off any viels that are blinding us from true knowledge of who you are. I ask that you remove any false preconceptions we have of you and that we may come to know you from the depths of our hearts. May we rejoice joyfully over you, as you do for us. How Great you are God, how wonderful are your ways. Amen!


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