going from law breaker to free

Wow, where do I even begin? Something that I grew up thinking was that religion was following a set of rules. Living according to rules so that I could get into Heaven. But from that, I lived in fear that whenever breaking one of those rules, I could possibly be going to hell. With the question circulating my mind,”If I were to die right now where would I go?” I began to live in fear of punishment rather than in love with Jesus. For I would live the bare minimum, going to church on Sunday’s, saying grace before meals, and doing the best I could to not break the rules. Seeing God as a punisher and rule enforcer instead of who He truly is; love.

I lived continually thinking of myself as a sinner rather than accepting that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s life, I am no longer a sinner but a daughter of the Heavenly Father. For although I was trying to be obedient to the sets of laws, I became blinded to the truth that Jesus came to set us free from rules of living. Because truthfully, we could never be good enough to stand right with God on our own, hence why Jesus came. For through accepting Jesus, we ourselves are wiped free from our sins (by the covering of His blood) and are able to come into a relationship with God. For God desires us to accept Jesus to be redeemed and through Him, come back into a deep, loving relationship with our Father. It isn’t how much we can do to be right with God, but what can I do to love and please Him above all else.229965124692273950_eoXGIheI_c

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7

It is no longer a set of rules, but a way of living through His love. By living for Christ we live managing ourselves to perserve and protect our connection to His heart. It is no longer about protecting ourselves from punishment when breaking rules but to come into a deeper relationship with that whom created us. We need to allow our mindsets to be changed. For when recieving Christ, we step out of the need to perform to win Salvation but see that it is through a life with Christ that we have freely been given that Salvation. It is now how do I live to honour and please Him? How do I live to love Him as He loves me? To share His love with others? and to continue to walk in His example? By reading our Bibles and praying, we are able to see who God truly is. To come to a greater knowledge and understanding of the True Living God, rather than the god we create when we are uninformed of who God is.

For Danny Silk puts it this way, “If you don’t know God, He’ll look a lot like you”

For most of my life growing up, before I came to see Jesus as I know Him now. My god was based on my own perspective of what I thought God would do, how he would think, how those in authority react when breaking the rules. However, I thank the gracious, loving Lord that He is patient and forgiving. And that I am able to see Him through new, clearer eyes for who He truly is. For I am no longer apart of a religion, but of a Kingdom, with values and principles. “The law that rules in the Kingdom is the law of Christ, the law of love not the law of rule keeping, and when we line our lives up with love. The Kingdom of love manifests in our lives” Danny Silk from Culture of Honor.

May you come to see the truth of who God is; The deep, unending love He has for you and the life He is freely offering you through the death of His Son Jesus Christ. There is so much more to life than you may be living for, may you seek to know Jesus Christ and the beauty He stands for and desires you to live in, with Him.

“Jesus, I pray that those who don’t know you, will come to see you with new eyes. That you may reveal yourself to them and that they will come to know who you truly are. I pray for those who are followers of you that we may begin to walk in the light of your truth and Kingdom. That we will place the way of the law behind us and step into our new covenant with you, embracing the beauty of life and love you are offering us. May we come to love you above all us, and walk in your footsteps. We love you Lord and we thank you for who you are. In your name Jesus, Amen”


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