Come as you are


The softness of the ocean’s breeze swept by my face, as I stood upon the wood floors of my old fishing boat. Taking a deep breath in, trying to relieve my heart which seemed to begin to weigh me down. The gentle waters beneath felt as though they were craddling the boat, ever so tenderly. I gazed upon the beauty of the Sun, as it set behind the distant mountains. In the simple silence of the moment, I closed my eyes. Letting the sounds around me, paint a picture of it’s radiance. The sound of the deep waves up against my boat, the rustling of tree branches and the cheerful birds singing, filled my ears with nothing but Creations beautiful song. A sense of coolness comes over me, as behind me, He speaks, “Come to me as you are, for you are perfect.” His words touching deep into my hurting heart. Before turning, I know it is Him. Opening my heavy eyes, I turn around and on the dock, there He stood. His presence overwhelming as my heavy heart was no more. He reached out His hand peacefully as He spoke, “There is none like you. To me, you are enough.  Come to me my sweet, sweet Child as you are. For, through my love and grace, I will cover you. You will be healed and no longer longing for what you do not know of, for through me, you will recieve all that you need.” Gazing into His soft eyes, I knew I no longer needed that which I had. For through these few moments, He was all that I now desired. I reached my hand out towards His and firmly took ahold. Taking a deep breath in, I let go of all that I no longer needed and stepped off my boat onto land. As the Suns rays slowly begin to fade, He is still radiant. And as this moment seemed to stand still, in the bottom of my healing heart, I did not question Him, for I knew.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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