when it is all revealed.

“As I walk gracefully through the snowcovered ground, the radiant Sun beats down upon me. Taking a glance around, I stop in my tracks as I begin to see spots of green appearing. I watch the snow begin to slowly dissapate and the bright shades of vibrant green grass slowly appear. Turning to look at Him who walks with me, a smile creases His face as He turns towards me. Without words being exchanged, I knew. A soft grin spreads as I look out before me to the beauty of green being revealed across the valley. For as the snow melts, bright new life begins to appear; for under a covering of purity (snow) lies new life and soil fit for fruit bearing. However one must endure the process of travelling through all that covering entails (the maturity process) as we allow the light to penetrate through any impurties to bring about wholeness with Him. As we are no longer being led by Him but walking in-step with Him, we are able to withstand the brightness of His light for every aspect of our life begins to radiate who He is. Through that journey, we come closer into oneness with Him. Our lives no longer barren and covered but we begin to show what He has been sowing into and preparing within us for others to clearly see.”

How utterly beautiful is it that Jesus longs  to conform us to His image? That we no longer have to live according to the ways of the world but are called into a higher place, to walk with Him within His presence and glory. For we are no longer seperated from God but are able to be with Him.  The more we walk intimatley with Him, we will come to a deeper understanding and knowledge of who God is. May we begin to seek Him, not only for what He does or to see His promises fulfilled but to seek to know Him from the depth of our heart. To immerse ourselves in Him and love Him for He loves us and longs to shine in and through us, but for that to happen. First we must be willing to allow His light to purify us from the inside out so when He shines through us; just as the snow covering melted and the grass appeared, we too will reveal His goodness  to others when they come to see us for what lies within, not only what covers us. For as the Lord purifies us, we must be willing to allow Him to lead us through a process of maturity so that when He radiates through us, only He will be evident and through revealing Himself, His life will be vibrant and clearly seen. For our lives will then be fit to bear His fruit and reap a harvest of His righteousness.

225813368785767825_6OCTwnki_cFor there were many written about who sought the Lord from the bottom of their hearts for He was all they wanted, all they desired. They longed to know Him, please Him and bring Him glory far above themselves. King David cried His brokeness as He longed for the Lord’s fullness. Not necessairly what God could do for Him but He was a “man after God’s own heart” Acts 13:22

“You want me to be completely truthful, so teach me wisdom. Take away my sin and I will be clean. Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. Make me hear sounds of joy and gladness, let the bones you crushed be happy again. Turn your face from my sins and wipe out all my guilt. Create in me a pure heart, God. and make my Spirit steadfast.” Psalm 51:6-10

“Heavenly Father, may you purify me from the inside out. May my lives be nothing but a vessel for your goodness and life to be evident through. Mature me into your likeness Christ, renewing my mind and bringing me to know you deeper for who you truly are. You alone are worthy of all that I am, for without you I am nothing. I love you Lord, Blessed be your Holy Name. Amen!”


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