what’s my purpose?

Especially over the past couple years I have been struggling, fighting to make an idenity for myself. I have been doing what I can not to comform to the ways of the world, to not give into temptation and to be a women of God. Time and time again I didn’t understand why I would fall into bad habits or be pulled back down by the enemy (my flesh, the devil, evil spirits).

I have come to see that we are all seeking our “identity” we are all trying to find our “God-given purpose” for our lives. Why am I here? What can I do with my life?

As I have truly begun to seek the Lord intimatly, I have been brought countless revelations and insight into understanding and coming to know who He is. For if we seek only what we need to enter Heaven, we miss the point. Jesus came to give life and in doing so called us into Sonship with Him. For through Jesus we inherit the Kingdom of God, through Jesus-He becomes our Identity.

Through recieving Christ as Saviour, we are identified with Him and recieve the power of His Holy Spirit. We become a precious child of God. It is only when we do not know or accept our identity that the enemy can sneak his way in. For we become vulnerable to others trying to label and define us by the worlds eyes rather then God’s truth. Remember through Christ-we are no longer held in bondage to sin, we are set free through the covering of His blood and enter into His Glorious Kingdom. We sit at the right hand throne of God. He loves you and cherishes you.

Come to see that:

  • You are not defined by feelings
  • You are not defined by the oppinions of others
  • You are not defined by your circumstances
  • You are not defined by your success or failures
  • You are not defined by the amount of money you have or cars you drive
  • You no longer have to accept lies people speak over you
  • You are beautiful,worthy, accepted and loved beyond understanding
  • You are no longer who you were before Christ, you are forgiven, completely  through the cleansing of His blood. You can forgive yourself and those who hurt you.
  • You are a valuable child of God and have recieved Christ’s inheritance-embrace it and accept it
  • You hold all the power you need to live a life of beauty and glory to God

For the devil longs to discourage believers into thinking that they are not worthy of acceptance or forgivness. That we are what others say we are. That we are weak and do not truly have the right to enjoy life with Christ here and now.  Let go of any image of yourself that is not from God-for His truth states clearly who you are in Him and His great abounding merciful love for you. For God loves us despite our flaws and imperfections, He loves us regardless of everything. I believe that God desires us to love Him, ourselves and others above all else. Even above serving and working, for we do not have to find approval or acceptance through what we do, even for God. For we have already been redeemed, cleansed and accepted into the Kingdom. May we begin to build our foundation on His truths and no longer crumble under the lies of the enemy for for we are no longer citizens of this earth but of the Heavenly Kingdom.

“Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.” Galations 4:6-7

Whatever we give our lives to-we will reap what we sow

Our “Identity issues” is a vital part to living an abundant life. For Jesus was able to face incredible demands for His mission because He knew who He was. He knew He matter to God and that gave Him confidence to move purposefully in faith. May you stand in the truth of His Word-no longer allowing the enemy to speak lies and disbelief in your mind but allow Christ to renew your mind into His likeness. You are a beautiful son and daughter of the King of all Kings, the Creator of the Universe. You are worthy of His love and have been cleansed and forgiven. Let go of all that is not of His Kingdom and stand in the Truths that He so clearly lays before us and come to see that the enemy is powerless. Jesus is the tree of life and satan has been cut off of that tree and is withering and dying-the only power he can get ahold of is the power you give him. 125960120799703277_WZ4esKFn_c

We have ben given much to enjoy this life, much that will help us be productive and successful in fulfilling God’s purpose and destiny for our lives but first may we come to know Him and build our foundation on being identified with Him. So that when storms and challenges come, we will stand in His unshakable Kingdom.

“So let us be thankful, because we have a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. We should worship God in a way that pleases Him with respect and fear, because our God is like a fire that burns things up” Hebrews 12:28-29

What are things in your life that you need to put to death by placing it at the feet of God? What is something that is keeping you from believing His truths? Begin to let go of the expecations of the world and step into recieving and living through your inheritance as a child of God. For when we come into accepting our inheritance and knowing who God is, we are fulfilling our purpose of life : to live the fullness of life Christ died for us to have-an intimate relationship with the Father.

Today may you be covered by God’s unending love and as you read His Word be soaked in His Truths.


One thought on “what’s my purpose?

  1. I understand your journey, we are all on the same one. To find God is to find ourselves.
    I now understand, what the Bible means, when used the expression “we turn away from God”
    It means turning away from the virtues we were born with. Turning away from love, from coming together, from doing good for everyone. God, has always been a metaphor, for what is purest inside all of us. He stands for the ultimate strength, that is so beyond us, that most of us cannot even comprehend… he stands for the strength of Love. And Love, in itself, is abstract term that has never been explained in all the different perspectives to us. It is so great in meaning, and it lives within our souls. To find it, we must find ourselves. When we act on anger, on greed, on inflicting pain on another… we are acting on the surface parts of ourselves… the ego. The selfish ego that is arrogant enough that puts the thought of separation into our minds. Its an easier thought to comprehend and to act on. Love, is a challenge. God’s message is a challenge. But if we all come together, and resonate positive energy towards each other… open our hearts to one another, believe the best… imagine the world we could live in. I think, that is the day, where God’s work will be complete.

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