take a walk with me

“I close my eyes as I sit in the silence of a beautiful garden, full of bushes and trees, all vibrant in colours and life. I take a deep breath in, inhaling all the freshness that surrounds me. “Oh Lord, how good you are to me…”I gently whisper out and as a smile comes across my face, I softly speak “how I long to know you, how I desire to walk with you. To not only read your Words but to know you from the depth of my heart. Meet me where I am today gracious Father and walk with me through your garden.” I feel the coolness of the breeze whisp by my face as I open my eyes to see His radiance coming out through the trees. My heart is overwhelmed with joy as I stand to greet Him as He comes out into the clearing. “How I have longed for you to long for me, how I love spending time with those I love. How I long to walk with you through my garden.” He spoke as He extended His hand out towards a tree covered trail. As we began to walk, the beauty of walking with the Lord was unvieled and my heart had found what it had been searching to be filled with, delight of true love.”

As I am seeking the Lord, longing to know who He is rather than what He can do for me. I am beginning to see the beauty of time spent with Him and the desperate need to not only ask things of Him but to walk with Him. A great man of the Lord revealed to me the beauty of walking with God, not merely reading and praying but genuinley going for a walk with the Lord, talking and enjoying the company of eachother’s presence.

“Then they heard the Lord God walking in the garden during the cool part of the day..”Genesis 3:8 All throughout the bible, God is seen walking with people. Enoch walked so closely with the Lord for his whole life (365 years) and God brought Him up into Heaven. Noah and Abraham both knew the beauty of walking with God. Jesus walked with His disciples, not always teaching but building a relationship.

God desires to walk with us before He walks through us. He desires us to spend time with Him in a secret place so that we will come to know the true Will of God and come into step with His Spirit, just as Jesus did.

I truly am coming to see that the Lord longs for us to love Him, to delightfully spend our time with Him. Not always in doing things such as how involved we can be with our local church or the amount of time we spend reading His word, but true genuine time spent listening and talking with the Lord on a deeper, intimate level.

I pray that as we begin to seek for a deeper knowledge of God and His will that we will come into a deeper relationship first and foremost. That our love for Him will be the driving force of our lives. I pray we will walk so closely with the Lord that we will know how to commune with Him through every aspect of our life here.

May you walk in the garden (the Kingdom) with the Lord, wherever that may be-begin to take steps learning to delight yourself in Him.


(as great quick bible study to read on walking with God is : The Secret of Walking with God)


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