check mate

There are many different types of people in this world, there are go getters, there are patient people, busy people, people who long to serve the Lord with every ounce of their being and some who are just trying to get by. There are those who do good, those who make continual mistakes and those who are lost. As each one of us are going through life, we are learning and growing. We are going through a maturing process, whether we allow that process to be completed through us or come to a point where we are content with where we are. We who choose to live for the Lord are choosing to be set apart from the world, to go through things who only He can bring us through.

As someone who tries to always be busy, to always be doing something-the Lord is gracioiusly reminding me to be still. Sometimes it seems as though He is shouting that at me, and yet I manage to find myself trying to run after things instead of waiting patiently for Him to fullfill His promises in His timing. Something which I heard the other week that has settled into my mind is that Jesus stood in the shadows of life for thirty years before He was called to step into the light for the world to see. Before He became known, He was living in a small town as a carpenter. He was in the shadow of the Father as He was being equipped, discpled and taught. He was being matured in the faith just as we are to be as well. Jesus was a man who learned obedience, who learned scripture, who learned to allow His Father work in and through Him.

So often I try to fullfill my calling, to seek understanding of it and to live it through. And that is where I am brought to a stop-as soon as I begin to try to grab ahold of things that I do not yet need or am ready for, that is when the Lord starts taking away to remind me that He has given me all I need.  Just like a child at a grocery store trying to place everything they see and think they need into their basket, their parent graciously removes that which they do not need.

“if you are never disciplined you are not true children..but God diciplines us to help us, so we can become holy as He is,we do not enjoy being discipled. It is painful at the itme, but later after we have learned from it, we have peace, because we start living in the right way” Hebrews 12:8, 10-11

It is very easy to become focused on doing rather than being, it is so easy to be in the light rather than resting in the shadows soaking in the light of the Lord before He opens the doors for us to shine. For if we can’t be with Him in the little things, how can He trust us with His work for the big things?

Paul wrote most of the new testament when in prision. Although he was not physcially moving, he was spiritually advancing. Through the time he had in jail, it was the time needed for him to be patient, to rest in the Lord and in those moments of just being-that is when He speaks the loudest. Although it may not have seemed like the ideal place for Paul to be, for God maybe it was exactly where He wanted Paul to be for that very reason. Having time just to be instead of feeling the need to be doing.chess

Just like the game of chess-it is not the pieces who move themselves but the player. For the game of  chess is thought out, planned and stratigically played. Each piece is made for a specific purpose, it is a role to play in which the player will move it according to what it was made and designed for. If the piece was to try to win the game by itself, it would continually be trying to move past it’s purpose to win the game-but in stepping outside of what it can do, it would be brought back to the same place, each time feeling defeated and less effective as it is not allowing the player to move it according to what it is designed for-to use it most effectively within it’s purpose. For it is not the pieces job to win the game, but were maybed to be moved by Him who is greather and knows the purpose of each peice. Just like us, we each have our own unique purpose, we are designed to work towards the same thing but in different ways. We are to learn how to be still and allow the player to move us instead of ourselves. For faith is not seeking or trying to piece together your next step, it is allowing the Lord to place it before you.

We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

May we learn how to walk by our spirit not be led by our emotions or knowledge. May we allow ourselves to rest in the shade of the Lord, being equipped, discipled and matured so that we can be used most effectively within our purpose when called. For a revival to happen, we need men and women who are working in and through their God given giftings through their fullest potential and strength to transform the world in which they stand.


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