people like me

It is encouraging to read the Word of God and see that the people written about are people like you and I. They are people Jesus found as He was passing by, they were people God choose from unlikely places, they were those who most of the time ran from the divine call but yet God persisted to chase them, He ran after them once they ran to reveal Himself to them in ways they would be able to see Him clearly.

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Peter was a great man, even now I smile as I think about Him. Peter was a man who I feel was very emotional and passionate about things His heart was set on. He always wanted more, a deeper understanding of Jesus, a new life-to be apart of Jesus’ life. He walked with Jesus and was His disciple. When he saw Jesus walking on water, Peter was there ready to jump off and do it as well. When Jesus called Peter and Andrew as they were fishing, Peter immeditely left his life to follow Jesus. He left his dad, his career, all he had worked for to follow this Rabbi who called him to a greater calling-although he was not sure what layed ahead of him, he was prepared to seek after it. When Jesus was preparing to be cruxificed, Peter did not want such a thing to happen-his heart was most likely breaking as he heard the one he loved speak of such a thing. Peter was the one who claimed he would have gone with Christ to also be killed-and yet when the moments came to stand in his faith he denied it. And Peter too went back to that which the Lord brought Him from(fishing).Although Peter was not perfect, he was passionate about Jesus. He truly did love the Lord. Peter was also the one who once realizing it was Jesus ashore once being ressurected,he did not hesitate to jump in to swim ashore, to meet the one whom he loved.

The beauty of the scene makes me stop to imagine what it would have looked like, felt like and been like to be standing there among those who served the Lord and loved him-to see Him again after knowing He had died. Peters love and passion for the Lord continues to inspire me and remind me that, the Lord desires us to continually step into the unknown, to go beyond what we may seem capable of to trust in Him. and just like Peter, although he faced many situations that he did not understand and yet denied even knowing Christ, Jesus still died for him so that he could be free from death.

May we continue to move foreward even past the mistakes we make, to not sit and dwell on them but to continue to hunger and thirst for more of Christ. For miracles, for that which surpasses understanding and long to see His glory. For Jesus doesn’t call the perfect to follow Him, He calls those who are willing to fulfill their divine calling-to be filled with the one thing we as humans are longing for and missing.

“it is not the healthy people who need a doctor but the sick. I did not come to invite good people but to invite sinners” Mark 2:17


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