rain comes down

going through storms in life can sometimes seem as though everything is going to capsize. that you are not going to make it out alive. through storms most of the time we forget that it gets worse before it gets better, that for the sun to shine the storm has to pass.

and how many of us lose sight of the truth during storms? we begin to worry, we begin to question whether the Lord is with us, asking why we are going through hard times. we turn away from prayer and turn into desperate barganing with the Lord-if you help me get through this, I will fully surrender my life to you. or if you provide for me I will give money back to you. it is in those times that we turn our focus inward and towards our troubles rather than outwards and towards the Lord-we forget to ask Him what He is trying to show us through this, we forget to pray “Lord may your will be done not mine” , we seize to stop and say “Lord you are soverign and all is in your hands, I trust in you-may through this you be revealed and glorified”

Glorified through the storm of our lives? How can I possibly be joyful or happy through such hard times? We are called to rejoice (Romans 5:3-10) (1 Peter 4:13) through our sufferings, whether they be large or small. Think of Paul in prision still singing and rejoicing? It is through the hardest moments of our lives when we turn inwards that we begin to lose sight of trust and faith in the Lord becaue we begin to question and doubt promises and truths. We go from being spirit led to flesh driven. When we are praising the Lord through our hardships-we turn our focus away from ourselves and onto Him. We turn our teas of sadness and mourning into songs of heart-felt praise. It isn’t a matter of ignorning our problems or what we are facing but turning our eyes onto the Lord-understandning the once we are being spirit-led through the storm, He can work through us and bring Himself greater glory. For it is when we are dying to our flesh that the Lord can be seen and revealed in greater ways.

The Lord has given me a beautiful vision for the storm I am facing in my life-

As I remain under a grey cloud being rained down upon-there is joy, there is laughter, my arms are open wide as I dance under the falling rain. and as I continue to dance and praise the Lord in the horizon the Sun begins to rise. As it continues to rise past the cloud of rain the Sun illuminates through it-changing the drops of rain into shimery sparkling drops as it showers down upon me. Arms still open wide I recieve the blessings from the Lord as He covers me with His glory.

It was through seeing that-that I was able to stop and realize the importance of being a great witness of the Lord through all we are faced with. That He can see the bigger picture-we hold one piece of the puzzle yet He already see’s it completed. For it is through trials and sufferings that when allowing the Lord room to work in and through situations as He is seeking too-such as opening doors through prayer, worship, love, and a genuine desire to glorify the Lord through it all-that is when the Lord will be able to bring beauty from ashes. For He has given us the ability to rejoice and honour Him-it is our choice whether to keep our eyes fixed on ourselves and the rain or to rejoice and realize that soon the Sun will shine down and the Lord can be glorified.

For me it is through worship and praise that I am able to call upon the Lord to open the doors of the Kingdom to radiate down upon me-the more evident His presence will be upon me-however not for my own selfish needs but for the Lord to be glorified and revealed through it all.

One last thing-it is not simply forgetting the Lord once bringing you out of the storm as many of us do. We tend to seek Him earnestly through hard times and once delievered go back to living our own lives. It is so necessary that through the hard times we learn how to continually stay pressed into the Lord-that once out of the storm we are persistent and persever in seeking His presence at all times that we remain in a state of heavnley awareness and allow our minds to continually be renewed and transformed-we allow ourselves to be purified and perfected.

“He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him” Psalm 91:15

For although we don’t necessarily see the end – the Lord already has. May He bless you through whatever storm you are being faced with, may you allow Him to ignite in your heart gladness and joy, may your Love for Him be bigger than the cloud you are under and may you allow Him to be glorified through your troubles for our Lord works out everything for His good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


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