a place as white as snow

As I begin to walk forewards the rags I am wearing are taken off and a white robe covers me. Pure, cleansed and holy. I step foreward into a place of white, hills covered in snow, no wind, no footprints in the snow. As I step foreward the Sun blinds me but I still glance up and to the left of the Sun is a white gleaming shilouette of a man and right away I know it is Him. His arms are open wide as He gleams down upon me, “This is good” He proclaims. I have found my Holy Place. Thank you Lord for meeting me where I stand, for cleansing me and revealing yourself to me.

Each time I come to this place, the Lord meets me where I am, what I am doing and draws me to a place of solitude even if it is only in my mind. Just as the Holy Tent, the priests had rituals in cleansing themselves before being worthy of entering such a Holy Room filled with the glory of God. I too am cleansed and purified before coming before the Lord. Here is my Holy Place- a state in which I have mentioned in an earlier blog.

What a beautiful place, a place of purity, innocence, a place of rest and refreshment. A place where one can only understand when seeing it for themselves. Last Monday the Lord met me in our Holy Place and this time He ascended down infront of me. As I held out my hands , He spoke softley yet with such power and authority. He placed on me His armour, piece by piece delcaring each article and what it would be used to protect and equip me for. He then stood beside me asking if I choose to be a soilder for Him that He would be willing to go out infront of me to prepare the way. He asked if I was ready, if I was willing for all that awaited me.

Now looking back, I should have expected that upon accepting such a task I wouldn’t have been equiped with such strong armour for a simple mission. But as I stood beside the Lord, not fearful of whatever may lay ahead, I declared I was willing. He then stepped foreward and step by step began to clear a path. With a deep breath in, I stepped foreward. Into the unknown, but trusting in the one who has called me as He is faithful.

I have come to see I have come to a place of no return. I have no only accepted the armour but all that comes with it-for His armour represents Himself. I have clothed myself with Christ (Romans 13:14) And once coming into a oneness with Jesus we should be ready to expect His struggles as well.

And as I read Ephesians 6:10-20 after such an encounter, I see those words through new eyes and they speak louder than before. Sometimes the deepest words the Lord speaks to us in those intimate moments, we are unable to place into words to share with others.

I hope that you too will find a place where the Lord will meet you in a new way, an intimate way. That He may reveal Himself to you where you stand and that fear would be diminished as you realize He too is awaiting to place on you His armour and call you to join His army for His revival. May you prepare to accept such a task and remember the things of the Kingdom, not all will understand or grasp but those who have been shown such things are ready to recieve such things

One last thing-once accepting such a task, it does not end there. The Lord will continue to equip you with what you need to do His work-but it takes work, it takes reading His word, praying, worshiping and being obedient to the one who has called you.  He desires you to continue to seek and meet Him intimately and in solitude, to gain revelation and insight. To learn how to empower the fullness of His Holy Spirit through each step we take.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

May the Lord richly bless the ground you stand in-may each step you take be a step prepared and guided from the Lord Jesus Christ. May your feet stand firm on His footsteps and on His Holy Ground.


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