may only you lead me

I am so grateful that the Lord  discipline’s and rebuke’s me when I begin to lose sight of who He is and begin to seek after the things in which He has to give. When I begin to let the worries of the world consume me and instead of giving time to listen to what the Lord desires of me, I continue to go after what I want while trying to drag the Lord into going that direction with me.

So easily we can become interfocused that we lose sight of the truth, that we allow our emotions to begin to lead us rather than discernment, wisdom and most importantly the Lord.I have come to realize that it is very easy to begin to be so focused on hearing the voice of God that we over complicate how things are truly meant to be. That while we try to hear from the Lord we begin to hear ourselves rather than Him. While we are thinking we hear from Him and are obeying what He’s telling us; we are actually not walking with Him but walking in our own path trying to pull the Lord along with us.

It is a process of learning and being disciplined-it is as if I am a child trying to grab more things than I can hold and the Lord is  prying all the unnecesary things from my grip. I have come to realize that as we ” seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” Matthew 6:33.

we begin to honour the Lord rather than our own desires. It is not merely trying to seperate ourselves from the world to hear the voice of the Lord but while moving foreward living in thankfulness, joy, and in His truths. Not necessarily seeking for our own desires to be fulfilled by bringing the Lord into it instead of giving Him a way to work but limiting Him to only do what we are seeking to be done.

From a great blog I read:

“Psalm 23 says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” When I walk in a spirit of want I am actually not walking in God. If you want or covet something to the point that it consumes you, you are not walking in God. Repent of this and seek God’s face. Ask him what he wants for your life. Before you know it you are walking in greater satisfaction and fulfillment. You will be walking in a place that you didn’t imagine but always understood as your true destiny.

My prayer for you is that God will destroy the spirit of want in your life and give your revelation of his desire for you. Go and be fruitful and multiply. Plant your seed and in due course you will inherit the desires of God for your own lives. “

And I agree, it is so important that we do not become so close minded that we neglect other’s advice or opinions as we feel we are obeying and following the Lord. Sometimes we have to accept we may not be hearing the Lord clearly, that our minds are so filled with thousands of thoughts and wants that we can mistake our own thoughts for thinking it’s from God. We do need others with good intentions to help us along the way.I believe that is why the Lord calls us to come together in fellowship-as we need to help one another through every area of this life. And although it is very humbling to have to admit when wrong, when we had mistaken the voice of the Lord for our own thoughts. I am grateful that the Lord brings people to speak His truth back to us-grounding us in Himself again and in ourselves.

“Lord forgive me for trying to create my own path rather than allowing you to pave the way infront of me. Forgive me for trying to keep control over my life rather than simply allowing you to place me where you desire me.  I pray that I may live always in your presence, that I may walk with you, not away from you. Thank you for bringing me back when I begin to lose sight of you and your love. Thank you for humbling me to be reminded for you to lead me, I have to be allowing you to do so.Thank you for your patience and your abounding love. Amen”


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