the faith

“Heavenly Father, thank you oh Lord for your amazing, abounding and everlasting love. Thank you for your glory,for your never fading bright light. Thank you, for your Word. For your truths, for speaking into our lives, for bringing us clarity within this consuming world. I thank you for your freedom and that you have blessed us with fellowship, with others. may we learn to invest in the lives around us, may we learn how to recieve love from others and give that same love back. may we step towards creating a body of unity, a body of servant hood, a body of purity, holiness and a love that transcends understanding. May we be kingdom bringers -bringing your kingdom here on earth ever so present. may we do what we can to bring you the honour and glory you deserve. oh Lord praise you for you are our saving grace, our Lord and King. To you the glory for ever and ever. Amen”

Each day may you begin to praise the Lord, not simply waking up and asking Him for a great day, a day free from stress or loneliness, a day free from troubles and a day filled with blessings-but may you ask that His will would be done, that His desires would be fulfilled through you. Asking Him what He wants from you through this beautiful new day-not what you are begging from Him. Our Lord desires us to obey and serve Him not the other way around. May we learn how to be a humble servant. May we help eachother with the faith we have and grow one another into a true servant of the Lord.

“I mean that I want us to help eachother with the faith we have. your faith will help me and my faith will help you” Romans 1:12

I believe that the Lord is waiting to pour His glory over us, that He is waiting for us to seek for the fulness of His divine power-that He will rain down upon us the treasures of His Kingdom. As a body are we ready for recieving all that He has to offer? are you limiting Him within your life?

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matthew 18:20

May we come gathered ready to praise, worship, honour and love the Lord-through our lives and words, may we exalt the Lord.  May we read and pray together earnestly to recieve words from the Lord, wisdom, insight and the fullness of His Holy Spirit and Truths. Never be content with where you are in faith or your life-hunger and thirst for all the Lord is handing and offering to you.Encounter the King is a new way. The Kingdom of God is at hand, reach for it and take hold of it.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 3:2

May not only your faith but the faith of those around you; those you are in fellowship with-may the faith you have be known by others. That when hearing and seeing of the faith in which you are allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through, may through it-their faith as well will be strengthed. That they will gain a hunger and thirst for the fullness of that in which you are grasping a hold of. Encourage one another create a body of true, humbled and loving servants-allowing the Holy Spirit to be ever present in the midst of all we do. May we not quench the Holy Spirit of fulfilling His work but enable Him the fulness within our lives to bring greatness to the Lord.

“first I want to say that I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because people everywhere in the world are talking about your faith” Romans 1:8

Oh how beautiful is the feeling of the presence of the Lord-may you live within it each step you take.

“Lord may you rain down upon me, oh Holy Spirit may your presence be active and always working in and through me. May my life be a walking, active and serving vessel for your glory to be seen oh God. Lord may your Kingdom shine through me, may I recieve the fullness of your Kingdom here on earth. I recieve all that you are offering, oh praise you. For you oh Lord are enough, may I be a better servant for you are worthy. May you shower down upon me”


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